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USS Gato

USS Gato (SS-212).

The Gato-class submarine was a class of American submarines built and commissioned during World War II. They formed, along with the Balao and Tench classes, the majority of the American submarine force. They were largely responsible for the sinking of a large portion of Imperial Japanese merchant and Navy ships. They were armed with 10 torpedo tubes, six in its front and four on its stern.

Battlefield 1942Edit


The Gato in Battlefield 1942

The Gato is the United States Marine Corps submarine featured in Battlefield 1942. It only has space for a single player, which navigates the vessel and has control over its two frontal torpedo tubes. The torpedoes can be fired when at surface depth, and they are capable of sinking most surface ships, although it can be difficult to achieve a kill in this manner. It is the Allied equivalent of the Axis U-boat type VIIC.

It is vulnerable to the Destroyer because it can detect them underwater.



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