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"Word of advice: you wanna get on the captain's good side? Take the gloves off."

Khai Minh Dao to Nicholas Mendoza.

Gator Bait is the third episode of the single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline. Nick and Khai head into the Everglades to follow a tip leading them up the criminal food chain.[1]


Captain Dawes tells Nick & Khai that Leo has told him how the smuggling is operated by his boss, Remy Neltz. Drug bales are dropped in the Everglades from planes, and are collected by the criminals. Dawes assigns Mendoza and Dao to locate the bales, tag them, and gain more information on Hot Shot. He says that despite having snitched on his boss Leo has chosen to leave protective custody since he does not trust cops anymore (a reference to Khai's brutality in the previous episode).

Captain Dawes also tells them more of Tamu Tamu creator Remy Neltz, who has become extremely powerful over the last year despite previously having been a small-time criminal. He has also made a movie that "sucked ass" prior, and is presumed to be using the movie to launder his Hot Shot money. If encountered by the duo, he must be arrested

Going into the Everglades, Nick and Khai discuss the growing drug war, and Khai's previous relationship with Tyson Latchford. Doing this, Khai tags two drug bales in the water, as the final one is close to land.

Nick tags the final bale, but is attacked by a gator, nearly killing him. Saved by Khai and her blade, they proceed with Khai giving him a Grappling Hook and Zipline launcher to get over a fence.

The detectives investigate a boathouse and find leads, going to both a saw mill and gator farm; they kill or arrest/knock out the criminals and find evidence and information in both locations, leading them to Neltz's current hideout at an abandoned aquatics stadium. Nick and Khai make it to the stadium and hold Neltz at gun point. However, Neltz says that he has a deal with Stoddard, and so Nick cannot arrest him He then escapes by speedboat , leaving Nick behind, wondering about Stoddard's involvement.

The detective put out an alert for Neltz, and he is discovered to be hiding in a warehouse. Stoddard has set up a plan to arrest Neltz with snipers and SWAT. Nick, saying that he and Khai have done all the work on the case, elects to go with Khai to get Neltz before Stoddard can do so. Going into the warehouse, they are forced to defend themselves against Neltz's allies. Neltz surrenders to Nick & Khai, but again says he took "the deal" with Stoddard. As he lays down his gun, Stoddard walks in and shoots Neltz dead, leaving Nick stunned as Stoddard pretends he thought Neltz was about to shoot Nick.

Stoddard gives Khai and Nick some of Neltz's laundered money, describing Khai as a "smart woman". Nick, disgusted, replies that now he knows why she's smart, drops the money and leaves.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Deal What Deal Deal? What Deal? Complete Episode 3: Gator Bait 20 Bronze Trophy Automatically unlocked through completing the episode
Damn Thing Doesn't Work Damn Thing Doesn't Work Disarm 2 alarm boxes in Singleplayer 25 Bronze Trophy Gator Bait is the first episode in the campaign to introduce alarms, which the enemies will use to call reinforcements if the player is spotted. If the player gets close to the alarm and presses the Action button while facing it, the alarm will be disabled.
Cape and Ears Not Included Cape and Ears Not Included Climb a total of 10 meters with the Grappling Hook in Singleplayer 25 Bronze Trophy Gator Bait is the first episode in the campaign to introduce grappling hooks. Using the hook a coupe of times either searching for evidence or just on the same spot to climb will unlock the trophy
Fast Rope Expert Fast Rope Expert Travel a total of 90 meters with the Zipline in Singleplayer 25 Bronze Trophy Gator Bait is the first episode in the campaign to introduce ziplines. Using the zipline a coupe of times either searching for evidence or just between the same two points to travel will unlock the trophy


  • Gator Bait has the most collectible pieces of evidence in the game; a maximum of 12 can be collected and analyzed via the Police Scanner.
  • The aquatic stadium is inspired by and partially modeled on the real life abandoned Miami Marine Stadium in Virginia Key.
  • The multiplayer map Everglades is based on this episode.
  • In the game files, this level is named SP_Everglades.



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