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General Liu rifle

The General Liu Rifle was probably the first Chinese semi-automatic rifle. It is named after General Liu Qing-En (Traditional Chinese: 劉慶恩; Simplified Chinese: 刘庆恩), its inventor and the first Superintendent of Hanyang Arsenal. The prototype rifle was first tested in 1916, but never entered production.

The rifle's method of operation could be switched from gas to straight-pull bolt action by rotating counterclockwise the cylinder located on the muzzle, to revert to gas-operated reloading the cylinder had to be rotated back (clockwise). The need for such a system was apparently due to potential weakness in the recoil spring that could be exposed by inconsistent manufacture. The bolt-action mode thus prevented the weapon from being rendered inoperable should the semi-automatic operation fail.

Battlefield 1[]

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"General Qing En Liu designed China's first semi-automatic rifle, however before widespread production could begin, he suffered a debilitating stroke, dooming the project."

— In-game description

The General Liu Rifle (also referred to as simply General Liu) is a select-fire weapon introduced in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion for the Medic class.

It performs very similarly to the Selbstlader 1906, sharing the exact damage output, muzzle velocity and fire rate. The General Liu trades higher recoil and less accuracy for an additional bullet in the magazine and faster reload, allowing the user to be more lenient with their accuracy and still net a kill.

It is reloaded using individual rounds or 6-round clips unique to this weapon. When reloading with one bullet remaining in the magazine, the player character will manually extract the last bullet and reload with a six-round clip. This is similar to the one-bullet reloads of the Mosin-Nagant M91 or the Obrez Pistol.

There are two variants of the General Liu Rifle: Factory and Storm.


The General Liu Rifle Factory is a standard version of the weapon and offers improved accuracy and recoil recovery by increasing the spread recovery by 100%, and increasing the recoil recovery by 75%. This variant is allows for quicker tap-firing as the weapon resets significantly faster.


The General Liu Rifle Storm is equipped with a foregrip and offers better ranged performance by reducing the overall recoil by 40%. The significantly reduced recoil allows the Storm variant to stay on target while mag-dumping.

Bolt Action[]

In the June 2018 patch, an alternative fire mode was given to the General Liu. Changing its semi-auto nature to a bolt-action.

It uses the same projectile as the Gewehr 98, meaning it changes the damage to 80-100 and gives it a sweetspot identical to the Gewehr 98 and ability to one shot kill to the head.

Weapon Skins[]



  • Both the General Liu variants share the same first person appearance of a factory variant. In third person, the Storm variants vertical grip appears, but retains the factory variants appearance.
  • During the weapon's debut on the Community Test Environment, the weapon had the unique ability to fire as a straight-pull bolt action, with the player manually cycling the bolt between shots. Operating the weapon in this way did not change its damage profile and the feature was cut by the release of In The Name of the Tsar.[1][2]
    • The feature was revisited later in CTE testing, along with an alternate firemode for the M1903 Experimental, with increased damage while in bolt-action mode.[3]
  • An animation error causes the bolt carrier of the rifle to clip through the player's face during recoil when aiming down sights. This occurs even at the lowest magnification setting.
  • The General Liu Storm variant has a vertical grip but the player doesn’t hold it, just like the optical variant of the Huot Automatic