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German Anti-Tank Tactics is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It is unlocked upon destroying all Field Guns in the chapter Over the Top in the mission Through Mud and Blood.

There are a total of thirty-six field guns in the mission. In order to avoid resetting progress, it is advised to play the chapter on easy difficulty and to not reload any checkpoints. However, a bug has been reported that one field gun may not appear, in which case it is recommended to reload the checkpoint.

The field guns are located in the following locations:

Number Location
1, 2 On either side of flag A.
3, 4, 5 One to the left, two the right of flag B.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Standing at flag B, two on the left of the road, two on the right edge of the road (one of them under flag C), one to the far right.
11, 12, 13, 14 Standing at flag C, one to the far left, another on the near right, and a third on the far right.
14, 15, 16, 17 After repairing the tank from outside, two directly in front, two on a surface directly behind — one in the left corner, one in the right corner.
18, 19, 20, 21 After taking out the four above, there are three directly in front, and a fourth hidden in an alleyway turning right.
22, 23, 24, 25 Before taking out the first set of artillery, three surrounding the church (the far left one may not appear, in that case restart the checkpoint), and one on the right side of the road directly opposite the church.
26, 27 Before reaching flag D, one on the left in front a windmill, another directly in front of flag D.
28 Inside a house in the village hosting flag D.
29, 30, 31 Two on the ridge directly behind flag D, one near a trench on the left directly behind the windmill.
32, 33, 34 Just before the bridge, two in front of a pair of houses to the left of the road, one to the right of a bunker to the right of the road.
35, 36 The final two are on either side on the other side of the bridge.



German Anti-Tank Tactics Codex Entry

Germany adapted to the Allied tanks with a variety of different tactics and tools. Anti-tank groups were formed around energetic leaders. These groups would use tools like anti-tank guns, anti-tank rifles and trench mortars. The Germans also built smaller forts that were organized for anti-tank defense equipped with searchlights and field-guns. These were placed a kilometer behind the main lines to meet the tanks there in case of an armored breakthrough.


They also developed an abundance of different barriers like steel posts, concrete blocks, covered pits filled with water, ditches with anti-tank mines or rails driven vertically into the ground. Anything to stop or slow down the progress of the tanks.