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"I really didn't want to ruin the moment, but we had no idea how we were gonna get the gold out of there."

Preston Marlowe

Ghost Town is the seventh and final singleplayer mission in Battlefield: Bad Company. Bravo-One Charlie, after having given President Serdar the exile he wished on a small island, arrives at Sadiz, an under-construction resort city that was never finished. The squad makes their way around the bay to the Legionnaire's container ship and the gold.

Synopsis and Walkthrough[]

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"Truckasaurus Rex here I come!"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield: Bad Company.

Reach Sadiz[]

The mission opens with Bravo-One Charlie and President Serdar on the Mark V patrol boat they took from Russia. Marlowe narrates that "the 'Father of the Serdaristan people' put them back on track," as the Legionnaire's gold was located in Sadiz, what Marlowe calls "the diamond of the Caspian Sea." Sadiz was meant to be a resort city, but it was still being constructed before the war between the United States, Russia and the Middle Eastern Coalition broke out.

Marlowe adds that Serdar got the exile he wanted, as they leave him on a small island near Sadiz. Haggard waves to Serdar as the squad speeds off to Sadiz. Serdar says his catch-phrase, "Harsh, but fair", again as they leave him. He then looks about his new home in an awkward fashion.

Upon landing at a beach opposite the harbor, Sweetwater notices the Legionnaire's container ship is docked there. Haggard adds that he knew they would find the ship again. Redford sees the Legionnaire's helicopter approach and fly over them as Sweetwater is assured knowing they are in the right place to find the gold. Haggard then asks how they plan to get the gold. Redford says the squad will take the long way around and to secure the beach they landed on.

Haggard then adds that he likes Sadiz from what he's seen and feels he could take a vacation here. Redford agrees, so long as haggard wouldn't mind the snipers, mines, or smell of death. Sweetwater then says that the MEC was building a resort here before the war as he realizes that Redford and Haggard probably don't care.

Redford then says if they ever had a chance to get the gold, this is it. He orders the squad to find a vehicle and go around to the harbor to get as close as possible to the ship as he pauses for a bit. Sweetwater asks what they will do next, and Redford completes his thought, saying the squad will improvise. Sweetwater then feels he is the only one "getting cold feet" about their plan. Haggard know how Sweetwater feels, and tries to calm his fear down by telling him to "embrace the sock".

The village over the hill contains a number of Middle Eastern Coalition soldiers, a new enemy that is allied with Russia, Serdaristan, and the Legionnaire Mercenaries. The village has a shielded KORD on a tower house, a 9M133 Kornet on top of a one-story house near a red oil tank, a Recon soldier on a tower house behind some trees to the right, a Support soldier on a tower house in back, Assault soldiers patrolling the roofs of some houses in the middle, and various Assault, Specialist, and Demolition soldiers scattered about on the ground level.

The player can take them out as they see fit, but once they engage the enemy, a Cobra will pull in to the village along the main road and a 2T Stalker will arrive from the outpost nearby. There is an M2CG in the corrugated metal shed close to the hill that can take out both in a few shots.

Once they are all eliminated, Redford will order the squad to regroup towards the rear of the village. The player should take their time to get five new collectible weapons including: the AUG, the 9A91, the QJU88, the T194, and the GOL form each of the enemy kits. There is also an XM8 LMG, a repair tool, an AUG, and some DTN-4 located at the "X" marks in the town, along with the aforementioned M2CG.

Once the squad regroups, Mike-One-Juliet will contact the squad and asks why they are in Sadiz. Redford responds, saying they are KIA according to the Army, and what they are doing is nobody's business. Miss July responds that he is making it very hard for her to help him and that there is a lot of activity in Sadiz. Sweetwater suggests Redford tells her what they are up to.

Redford then asks if Mike-One-Juliet remembers why he hung up on her in Serdaristan, and says that it was because they were tracking the Legionnaire's gold, asking if that means anything to her. Miss July says she's heard the rumors, as Redford tells her that he has a good feeling it is located in Sadiz and that he and his squad plan to take it.

Miss July isn't really surprised considering the situation the squad is in. She tells him that the US Army is moving in to the area and for him to watch out for friendly fire. Redford responds that he isn't sure whose fire is friendly anymore. Miss July then says that they better not forget about her if they find the gold, to which Sweetwater yells into Redford's microphone to just tell him her favorite color.

The player has the option to grab a CAV or a Black Eagle to continue on to the next position. The area is heavily defended by Kornets, infantry, and enemy RPGs. The player will have a much easier time in the Black Eagle as it is a heavily armored tank, rather than the lightly armored CAV. The player may also wish to grab a repair tool to fix their tank if it becomes damaged in the next base.

The base is defended by multiple Kornet sites, such as the two near the road leading to it. There is another on the far left side that leads to the next area. The blue two-story barracks scattered about the base are occupied by enemy infantry including Support and Demolition soldiers, the latter who will fire RPGs at the player's tank. A few infantry are located on the ground level, with two near a special black camouflaged Legionnaire Mercenaries Black Eagle in the rear of the base.

When all of the infantry are killed, the player should get out of their tank and head to the two-story barracks near the helipad on the left side of the base. The level's first gold bar is located here on the first floor. The player can also find the last collectible weapon, the SPAS-15, on the second story of the first two-story barracks on the right when entering the base. The player can also find a GOL, another M2CG, and two repair tools at the other "X" marks in the base.

While heading towards the next area, another 2T Stalker will move in to the base and attack the player. Their Black eagle can make short work of the IFV in a few shots from the main cannon. after passing the wreckage of the vehicle, the player will hear a US Army soldier say that they are being attacked by 155mm shells and is requesting for anyone to take out the artillery emplacements.

Sweetwater doesn't like the sound of the message, and Haggard notes the MEC are hitting the US forces pretty hard. Sweetwater says that this isn't their war to fight anymore as they are essentially KIA. Redford says he doesn't care about the war, but that those are still American soldiers that need help. Sweetwater agrees as three 2T Stalkers begins to attack the player. They can easily be taken out with a few shots, but if the player stays in one place, they could take a lot of damage.

Once the tanks are destroyed, the player will find a fourth 2T Stalker on the road before a valley being bombarded by artillery fire. Redford says that it is the US retaliation to the artillery that has been hitting them. The player will find a fifth light tank in a revetment to the right side of the road. The valley will also have an enemy Black Eagle and two more 2T Stalkers defending it.

Once all of the enemy armor is destroyed, the player can focus on the artillery cannons. Instead of just destroying them, however, Sweetwater suggests the player may wish to kill the operators so that they can use them against the enemy, much like in Welcome to Bad Company, albeit to a lesser degree. The player should be able to use the rearmost gun on the far left side to hit the three tanks defending the ridge leading to the next area, although the tank on the left is just barely out of range. The outpost in front of this gun contains an unoccupied Black eagle, another AUG, and a UMP. Another outpost directly across the valley holds a CAV and the level's second gold bar.

The player should then make their way in to the valley containing the many oil derricks. Upon coming around the bend in the road, Haggard will see three Black Eagles closing in on the road. However, they will be soon destroyed by artillery fire from US guns. Sweetwater will be surprised by this, as the player's tank starts to get hit. Sweetwater yells out they are friendly to try and get the US to stop attacking them as they were in a MEC vehicle, which Redford notes. He tells Marlowe to get the squad out of there as they regroup nearby.

Mike-One-Juliet contacts the squad and informs them they are about to get some company. Redford asks if they are hostile, and Miss July replies that they are friendly, as the US Army is launching a counteroffensive and that the first wave of armor will reach their position soon. She tells them the Army will take the two bridges in the town ahead and then they shouldn't have much trouble securing the area, as she again warns the squad of friendly fire.

Redford then says that if the Army catches up with them, the squad will never be able to get the gold. Haggard notes Miss July said something about bridges, and feels that if they destroy them, it may slow the US advance. Sweetwater feels that stopping the US advance is essentially treason. Haggard assures him that he doesn't want to stop their advance, but rather just hold it off. Sweetwater feels that destroying them would be enough to get them all executed if they are caught. Redford tells Sweetwater that they are dead to the army anyways, and decides to go with Haggard's idea.

The player will have to make their way through the town below, dodging enemy fire to destroy the bridges as fast as possible. The player will not want to stop moving towards the bridges, as if they let even one of the four M1A2 Abrams tanks get close, the mission will fail. The player should rush over the hill and grab the DTN-4 behind a rock. They will then want to take out the shielded KORD with 40mm grenades quickly before moving on.

The easiest way to destroy the bridges involves circumventing the town and sprinting along the right side of the town to the right bridge, avoiding as many enemies as possible. On approach, Redford will tell the player to destroy the bridges quick. Once the player reaches the bridge, they will find an enemy Black Eagle in front of it that may be engaging one of the US Abrams tanks. The player can sneak up to the tank's rear or side, plant some DTN-4 and blow it up after running away. The player will then want to destroy the bridge; only a single block will be needed. Once it is down, Redford will tell the player to get the second one, as Sweetwater notes it isn't a very patriotic thing to do.

After that, the player should sprint along the wall on the hillside of the river towards the left bridge where another enemy Black Eagle is. Redford will tell the player again to destroy the bridge quickly, as Sweetwater feels they are still doing the wrong thing. The player can destroy it the same way as the last, and then destroy the bridge. If the player needs more DTN-4, there are a few packs located near the bridges.

The player can also used the M2CG if they kept it from before, since it takes only one 84mm shell to render a bridge unsuable, and 2 84mm shells to take out a Black Eagle - with a full load of 6 84mm shells, the player can swiftly take out 2 Black Eagles guarding the bridge, and the bridges themselves, without having to worry to much about having to sneak up and getting shot by the tank, or if the player isn't fast enough, since they can tackle the tanks and the bridges from a relatively safe distance, but the player still needs to pay attention to the area around them for some unexpected enemies who might pop out when they are attempting to destroy the bridge. This method is especially advantagous if the player is attempting this mission on Hard difficulty.

When both bridges are down, Redford will congratulate the squad and tell them to keep moving towards Sadiz. The player can then focus on the enemies in their immediate area. Multiple infantry will be near the left bridge, but on the other side of town, there is a shielded KORD on top of a two-story house and a Support soldier along the wall on the other side. The KORD can be difficult to take out, but the player can shoot the operator through the viewport or just avoid it until they get closer and heal themselves if they are shot.

The other side of town contains more soldiers, mostly consisting of Specialists and Assaults, with a few Demolition and Support soldiers, as well as a CAV that pulls towards the left bridge. This CAV cannot be driven, as even if the player kills only the gunner, the entire vehicle will explode. Once all of the enemies are down, the player can move on through to the next area.

Haggard will note that in many action movies, the main antagonist usually shows up around now, or maybe the antagonist's best friend. Sweetwater asks him which bad guy though, considering they have fought the MEC currently and essentially the US by destroying the bridges.

Upon moving up the road, Sweetwater will say "someone sure opened up a can of whoop-ass on this place" as the road is littered with destroyed M1A2 Abrams and a pipeline that is on fire. There are two shielded KORDs watching the road and a few MEC infantry in the area and they will attack the player on approaching. The player can take cover among the tank wrecks to kill the operators through their viewports and kill off the other infantry in the area.

On the other side of the burning pipeline, there will be more infantry guarding a one-story house, as well as a shielded QLZ-87. The house itself contains the level's third gold bar, which is just to the right of it, outside. Redford will note that the squad is approaching Sadiz. Sweetwater will ask Haggard if he still wants to take a vacation here, to which he remains silent. The player can also find a GOL and an XM8 LMG at the nearaby "X" marks before regrouping at the red smoke on the hill.

Reach The Gold[]

The next town below the hill is occupied by Legionnaire Mercenaries, as Redford notes. Sweetwater then says that they are fighting the Legionnaires, the MEC, the US (for destroying the bridges), and sarcastically adds that it would be wonderful if the Russians showed up.

Redford says that they won't be able to get past all the mercenaries on their own, and suggests creating a diversion, asking Haggard if he will do the honors. He asks if he can bring Marlowe, surprisingly as he generally showed distaste in Marlowe earlier in the campaign. Redford allows him, saying that he and Sweetwater will find the gold while they create a diversion to draw out the Legionnaires from the harbor.

Mike-One-Juliet then contacts the squad, saying that if they can hear her, she tells them there is a recon supply drop located near their position. She sends them the coordinates, adding that someone must have enjoyed their help for taking out the enemy artillery emplacement, wishing them luck as well.

Haggard will tell the player to check out the supply drop site, as it is now marked by red smoke on top of a two-story house in the town. The player can find an M2CG in a house near the supply drop, but it wont be necessary until later when the Legionnaires show up. The player should make their way to the roof of the house and pick up the supplies.

The supplies turn out to be another LZ-537 laser designator, as Haggard notes. He tells the player to call a strike in on the large oil silo in back of the town. After the player does so and guides the JDAM towards it, Haggard asks if it worked, to which Redford confirms this as an alarm will sound and many Legionnaires will pour in to investigate the silo's destruction.

At least two Black Eagles and one 2T stalker will move in, as well as three Cobras that drop off Legionnaires. The player should use the laser designator again to hit the light tank and the two MBTs before they can focus on the infantry moving in on their location. The Legionnaires are armed with XM8's, UMP's, and XM8 LMG's.

Once they are killed, the player should make their way to the construction site. Before heading to the construction house, however, the player should go to the tower hose near the second Black Eagle. On its roof is the level's fourth gold bar. The "X" marks about the area include another M2CG, a QJU88, some DTN-4, a 9A91, and a T194 in case the player missed them earlier.

Redford then contacts Haggard and Marlowe, informing them they are at the harbor and he tells them to get there quick, and is sending coordinates to the location of a vehicle. Haggard tries to contact Redford to inform him that the Legionnaire is on his way to the harbor, as his Ka-52 just took off from the construction site, but Redford doesn't pay attention.

Mike-One-Juliet will then contact the squad, saying that Haggard and Marlowe are in "the kill-box", and that the Army is about to drop some heavy fire on the construction site to kill any enemies in the area. The site is littered with MEC Recons, Legionnaire Assaults, and a few 2T stalkers. The player should move to the second highest level of a building under construction to be able to pick off the vehicles with the laser designator, as well as a few MEC Recons.

Closer to the vehicle, there is a shielded KORD defending it behind some sandbags. The player can take it out with the LZ-537 or kill the operator with their weapon. On approach to the transport, Haggard will tell the player to get into the CAV and that he will drive.

Before the player does, they should go to the other side of the pool to the right, as the level's and the campaign's last gold bar is located here. The player can then get in the gunner seat of the CAV and Haggard will drive them to Redford and Sweetwater's location.

Haggard will drive the player through the next town as it is being bombarded by US artillery fire. The player has an XM307 to use against enemies, but this segment of the mission is more cinematic than dangerous as the enemies will not likely hit the player or the vehicle.

Defend The Gold[]

Once Haggard arrives at the warehouse, Marlowe says "So, there was no spook story," as he stares at the mountain of gold. Everyone else is surprised at the sheer amount of gold they are seeing as they stare in awe. Marlowe then narrates how he doesn't want to ruin the moment, but he has no idea how they will get the gold out of there, and that the Legionnaire is still alive, as he flies in to attack the squad.

Sweetwater says they need to get out of there. Haggard angrily responds that they do, and asks if Sweetwater wants him to make a plan. Sweetwater says that maybe he does in an equally angry tone. Redford then says they need a bigger gun, and Sweetwater says he thinks he knows where one is and tells the squad to follow him.

The squad takes cover among shipping crates along a pier that have been overturned and strewn about. Sweetwater feels they have lost the helicopter, as Haggard asks if his idea was to just outrun the Legionnaire. Redford tells them to shut up and says its now time for payback. Haggard notes that Redford sounds tense and asks if he's been sleeping alright. Redford gives him a dirty look as Sweetwater feels Redford is doing a great job at his "mastered used of the leadership cliché". Redford tells them to shut up as the Legionnaire comes around again.

The player will have to make their way down the pier towards the VADS anti-air gun at the other end. haggard will tell Marlowe to get moving to the AA gun, as Redford notes they cannot take down the Legionnaire with their weapons. Sweetwater asks if they just plan to fold and then die. Redford says their best bet is the anti-air gun, as Haggard asks what they are waiting for and that they should head to it.

The player will fight through Legionnaire Mercenaries defending the pier, including four shielded KORDs, as well as Assault, Support, and Demolition soldiers. With the Legionnaire and his Ka-52 pounding the player from above and the narrow corridors, this will be a difficult fight to get to the VADS. As the player approaches, Redford orders the player to man the gun and that he and the rest of the squad will keep off any reinforcements.

Just before the player reaches the VADS, the Legionnaire blows it up with a guided missile from his helicopter. Sweetwater is distraught by this, as Redford tells the player to find something else to take out the Ka-52. The player will have to go up on the helipad and grab an M2CG to take the Legionnaire down.

This fight can be extremely difficult as the Legionnaire moves about very rapidly in his helicopter and will dodge rockets the player fires at him. The best times to hit him are as he passes over and when he actually stops for a few seconds to fire. The player will have to land three hits on the helicopter to bring it down, and if they run out of ammunition, there is an ammo box located by the destroyed VADS.

The player should also keep an eye on their health, as the Legionnaire's guided missiles do quite a bit of damage, especially on harder difficulties. The player can use the concrete and steel blocks for cover to minimize damage, however. Also, the more hits the legionnaire has taken, the more he will try to dodge further shots at him, increasing the difficulty of the fight over time.

Once the third hit is landed, the Ka-52's engines lose power and it explodes from severe damage, crashing nearby. Sweetwater congratulates Marlowe, saying that he is finally pulling his weight in the squad. Haggard adds that Marlowe can watch his back any day, as Redford adds "not bad for a new guy." Redford then tells them to get back to the gold as Marlowe says that it's great they finally consider him a part of the squad, considering everything he's done so far as the rest of the squad moves off.

As they get back to the gold, Sweetwater asks if anyone though about how they plan to get the gold out of there. Haggard then says that Sweetwater just brought up another negative thought. Sweetwater asks if Haggard has any idea how heavy the gold will be, as haggard says they will be "the richest G.I.'s in the world," asking if Sweetwater can just be happy about that for once.

Redford tells haggard to shut up as the squad notices the US Army found the gold and are loading it into trucks they brought in. Sweetwater feels that it was "too good to be true", as Haggard mocks him for his pessimism. Sweetwater then asks why Haggard thinks this is his fault. Redford says it doesn't matter and that they should get out of there before they are seen.

Just as they are about to, a US officer asks what they are waiting around for. Sweetwater becomes nervous and tries to explain that they are AWOL and should be dead. Marlowe cuts him off and says that they've secured the area, as Redford pushes Sweetwater out of they way and asks that they are waiting for new orders. The officer tells them to take the last truck and follow the convoy out of Sadiz. Sweetwater asks him for confirmation of the truck being loaded with gold. The officer confirms that, calling the truck "that truck full of, uh... scrap metal," and orders them to move out. The squad then, in unison, say "Sir, yes sir!" while saluting.

Marlowe then narrates, "Wars are fought for any number of reasons. Sometimes, if the ones they give you aren't good enough, you have to find your own. And, maybe, if your'e lucky, you'll get out in one piece. But in the end, I guess it's really about the guys next to you." As he finishes this, the squad's truck pull to the right down a side road. Haggard then says, "Truckasauras Rex, here I come!" Sweetwater adds, "Grad School, here I come!" And Redford then says "Woohoo, let's go fishing!" Sweetwater honks the truck's horn as they all speed off on the side road as the mission ends.

The camera then fades to black and after a short loading screen, the Legionnaire's burning Ka-52 is seen and he is among the wreckage as the helicopter crashed on a small island in the bay. Surviving the destruction of his helicopter, the Legionnaire gets up after having been knocked out by the blast and shows a look of vengeance in his eyes.


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Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
Bca17.jpg Sir, yes sir! Complete Ghost Town on normal 30 G Silver
Bca18.jpg Here is your DD-214 Complete Ghost Town on hard 30 G Gold
Bca25.jpg One In a Million Hit hostile helicopter with laser designator 20 G Bronze
Bca26.jpg Clean Sweep Find all collectibles 25 G Silver
Bca29.jpg Gold Digger Find all gold bars 30 G Gold


  • The US soldier in the distress call has the same voice as the commanding officer of Juneau Convoy in Welcome to Bad Company.
  • This is the only singleplayer level where the MEC are found.
  • It is possible, albeit difficult to get the "One in a Million" achievement/trophy on this level when fighting the Legionnaire. The player will have to time the bomb-drop from the laser designator just right to hit the helicopter as it will move about to avoid it. Doing so also counts as two rocket hits.
  • If one looks closely at the pilot seat of the Ka-52 with a scoped weapon like the M2CG, the pilot doesn't look like the Legionnaire, but rather a uniformed pilot wearing a helmet.