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"I'm not much of a party girl, but alright."

Khai Minh Dao.

Glass Houses is the seventh episode of the single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline. Following information from Boomer, Nick and Khai gatecrash a party at a luxury Hollywood home.[1]


Sneaking in[]

Marcus "Boomer" Boone hacks into the data he stole from Henry Kang, and finds an invitation to a party that same evening at Neil Roark's mansin in Mount Olympus, Los Angeles. The other guests on the guestlist are criminals, many of whom Boomer has worked for. Nick decides to check the meeting out with Khai.

Once there, Khai uses a gadget from Boomer's device to cause a power surge disabling the alarrms, enabling the duo to break into the house. They head for a meeting room at the top of the mansion, where they plant a bug on a statuette. However, before they can leave, the criminals arrive early for the meeting, forcing Nick and Khai to hide in a cupboard in the room.

Stoddard and Roark appear at the meeting with other potential investors. Stoddard then gives them Roarke's pitch: criminals purchase protection from Preferred Outcomes, and in doing so get access to a network of crooked cops and border patrol officers, as well as the protection of private military contractors all employed by Preferred Outcomes.The criminals agree and hand over their cases of cash, and head outside to celebrate. Once Roark and Stoddard have left the room, telling the criminals their money will be held in the pool house for safekeeping, Nick comes up with the plan of planting Khai's phone in one of the briefcases, in order to track it by GPS to its final destination, and then stealing it before Dawes can launder it.

Pool House[]

"Are you scared yet?"

— Roark to Mendoza after calling his henchman.

Khai refuses, saying that her priority is going after Stoddard. Nick dismisses Khai angrily, who leaves him shamefacedly after Mendoza reveals to her that his mother died when he was in prison. Nick sneaks or shoots his way to the Pool House, planting the phone in the briefcase, in an upstairs room. However, Roark appears on a TV screen in the room, warning Nick that he chose the wrong house to rob. After taunting and threatening Nick, Roark states that he has just sent dozens of coked-up psychopaths with automatic weapons to attack and kill Nick in the pool house.

Surviving the horde[]

"I want him ruined."

— Khai to Nick.

While Roark is threatening Nick, Khai sneaks into his room, and knocks him out, but warns Nick of the henchman coming. From the ground floor of the pool house, the criminals shoot the first floor (which is glass) and cause Nick to fall down to their ground level, fording him to defend himself until they are all killed.

Khai then beats a criminal to the ground, before revealing she stayed at the mansion instead of pursuing Stoddard because she thought Nick needed a hand. Nick asks Khai what happened to her post 2012 that caused her to hate Dawes and Stoddard so much, but she refuses to answer: she just says that she was not always the sort of person who would screw over her partner. She then tells Nick she doesn't want Dawes dead, but completely ruined. They then both leave the ruins of Roark's pool house, having caused $3 million worth of damage, according to Tyson in the following episode.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Hollyweird Hollyweird Complete Episode 7: Glass Houses 20 Bronze Trophy
Hollywood Hideaway Hollywood Hideaway Find Roark's hidden room in Glass Houses 25 Bronze Trophy In the gym room of Roark's mansion, there is a hidden panel on one of the walls. If the player presses the Action button while facing the panel, an electronic lock will be revealed. If the player presses the Action button while facing the electronic lock, part of the wall is moved, revealing the hidden room. The achievement/trophy will be awarded just as the entrance to the hidden room is opened.
BYOB BYOB Use the BBQ to take out the chef in Glass Houses 20 Bronze Trophy When the player exits the mansion into the backyard, there will be a small house where a DJ is playing music. Behind the house is a criminal cooking near a barbecue. If the player scans the barbecue, it will be displayed as an explosive object that the player can shoot to make it explode. Once the player shoots the barbecue, it will explode and the criminal near it will burn to death, awarding the achievement/trophy to the player.


  • After Nick and Khai split up once Roark's meeting ends, if the player goes down one floor, there is a room with two criminals playing Dead Space on the television, which is a game Visceral Games made. As long as the player does not interrupt the criminals, they will have a conversation about the game and its various aspects, such as saying things like "but where is Nicole?" and "how come the guy in the helmet never speaks?" .[2]
    • The controller the guard was playing on has the name 'Dino', a recurring Easter egg that appeared throughout the Battlefield series.
  • When Khai hands Nick her phone, he asks her if she's got anything important on it. She replies "only that candy game", referring to the smash hit mobile game, Candy Crush Saga.
  • The level features numerous touch screen pad that display the date "October 21, 2015", referencing the game's original release date of October 21, 2014.
  • The date on Khai's phone incorrectly says "July 4, 2015" despite the fact that the level is known to take place days before Independence Day.
  • When going to the pool house (outside), some criminals are not armed unless you alert them.
  • The painting in Roark's conference room is very similar to Andy Warhol's "Guns" series, from 1981.
  • The introductory music before the cutscene, when Nick and Khai infiltrate the mansion, is "Fixed Income" by DJ Shadow.[3]
  • The ambient music playing in the Pool House is Soporific Sympathy by Tom Vedvik & Martin Tillman.[4][5]
  • The music playing in the gym (near where the secret room is) is “Bent Nemesis” by John Waddell & William Parnell.[6]
  • In the room by the Barbecue, the first song the DJ is playing is "We Own the Night" by the band Cut Throat Logic. [7][8]
  • The songs playing by the Barbecue before you reach it are "I Gotta Rokk" by DJ Shadow, "Fly 4 Nothin" by Mucho Deniro & Bebe O'Hare, "Go B!g" by Demrick/Young De, "It's Our Time" by Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Dumi Maraire, and "Spank Rock" by Assassin.[9] [10][3][11]
  • In the secret room on the wall are photos of the Royal California Bank in Bank Job, alongside blueprints of the bank.
  • In the game files, this level is named SP_Hollywoodhills.