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In-game icon for Gold Rush in Battlefield: Bad Company, depicting a Gold Crate.

Gold Crates play a major role in the singleplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company and are multiplayer objectives in Gold Rush. They were later replaced by M-COM Stations in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 due to story reasons.


The Legionnaire Mercenaries, a mercenary group said to be the strongest military organization in the world, was rumored to pay its mercenaries in gold. This rumor, however, turned out to be true, leading Bravo One Charlie to go AWOL in an attempt to get the gold for themselves.

While AWOL, the squad went to Serdaristan, captured the country's President, and located the Legionnaire's cargo ship. After successfully destroying the Legionnaire organization, Bravo One Charlie had finally obtained truckloads of gold crates, only to be met by the U.S. Army. The squad is then forced to follow the US convoy full of "scrap metal" until they turn off to a side road and speed away, each talking about how they will spend their share of gold.

Gold Crate LocationsEdit

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Gold Crates are the main objectives in the Gold Rush gamemode, tasking players to destroy them. The main method of destroying a Gold Crate is by planting a charge on the crate, taking up to a minute before detonating. While this method guarantees the crate's destruction, getting to the crate and holding the crate while the charge is armed can be quite difficult, depending on team numbers and the positions of the crates themselves.

Explosives, vehicle armaments, and gunfire can also be used to destroy crates, slowly depleting them of health until destruction. It does take a lot of ammunition to destroy Gold Crates, however, especially since some crates may be in secluded positions that are difficult to hit with explosives.

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