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Golmud Railway (Chinese: 荒野遊蹤) is a multiplayer map featured in Battlefield 4. It is based on the real-life Golmud-Lhasa Railway in northwest China. The map focuses on large scale vehicular warfare with players able to access tanks, helicopters, light vehicles, an M142, transport vehicles and close air support fixed-wing aircraft.


A major Levolution feature of the map is a train that travels through the railway, acting as a control point.[1] When held by a team, the train will move closer to that team's deployment, gradually giving them a territorial advantage. There are also plenty of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) that can be blown up by detonating any kind of explosive (like C4 or SMAWs) near it, or by following the wires to a controlling-laptop. They can be found near roadways.  These IEDs equal the power of at least 10-15 C4s, making them ideal anti-vehicle weapons.

This map has 5 flags on Conquest mode and 7 flags on Conquest Large.

Flag Layout

Flag Conquest Conquest Large
Village West A A
Village East B B
Radio Mast C C
Train D D
Warehouse E F
Construction Site E
Farm G


Conquest: Each team starts with one Su-50/J-20, two T-90A/Type 99 MBTs, one Mi-28 Havoc/WZ-10, and one VDV Buggy/LYT2021.

Conquest Large: Including the vehicles in regular Conquest, there is one attack jet, three additional MBTs, one WZ-11 , one MAA and a total of four VDV Buggy/LYT2021.

A: Village West

VDV Buggy/LYT2021 spawns here after capture.

B: Village East

VDV Buggy/LYT2021 spawns here after capture.

C: Radio Mast

VDV Buggy/LYT2021 spawns here after capture.

D: Train

The train is the main Levolution on this map. The train will move to the main base of the team that captures and holds D. This makes it easier for the team who holds the flag to defend it with vehicles.

The train itself is slightly slower than a person at regular walking speed. The train is a vehicle that has two positions for gunners armed with .50 caliber machine guns. It can be captured from under the respective bridges. A HVM-II spawns near the tracks where the train was originally at. Players that spawn on the train will instantly paradrop. The train cannot be stopped or slowed by any means of obstruction.

E: Warehouse

VDV Buggy/LYT2021 and an M142 spawns here after capture. An M136 CS can be found on the roof of the western building.


Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch feature the map mostly around the village area (between A and B flag) in the Northern part of the map



The map features five stages in Rush.

Stage 1


Stage 1

The attackers start with a VDV Buggy, a Z-11W, and three T-90As.

The defenders start with one Type 99 MBT.

The first base is located on the train tracks where a set of trailers have been stationed. Both MCOMs are around the area.

Stage 2


Stage 2

The defenders fall back to the antenna.

By then, the attackers are allowed two T-90As and their VDV Buggy. The defenders continue to have their only Type 99 MBT.

Stage 3


Stage 3

The fighting pushes through the outskirts of the village as the defenders are pushed back.

Both sides continue to use the same equipment that is available.

Stage 4


Stage 4

The assault continues deep into the village as the defenders take positions in buildings.

The attackers continue to use only one T-90A and their VDV Buggy, while the defenders are completely unable to obtain any type of armor support.

Stage 5


Stage 5

The final assault is the attackers fight up the hillside as the defenders take up positions on two buildings and the high ground.

By this point, both sides have no longer have any vehicles to support them.



Both teams start with a 9K22 Tunguska-M/Type 95 AA, an Su-25TM Frogfoot/Q-5 Fantan, 2 T-90A/Type 99 MBTs, a VDV Buggy/LYT2021, and a BTR-90/ZBD-09.



This map features 3 flags on Domination mode.

A: Backyard

B: School

C: Hillside


BF4 GolmudRailway Overview

Figure 1

The capture point that is on the train will move along the rail line towards the base of whichever team holds the objective. IED's placed around the map(see figure 1 to the right) can also be detonated, causing a massive explosion and creating craters where the IED was.

The moving train is also mounted with 50 caliber machine guns on both ends that can be used by the player to defend the objective. The IEDs are triggered from a laptop that is a small distance away, wires can be seen leading from the laptop to the explosive device.



  • In Rush, the train which stands for the flag D in Conquest, seems to carry two ballistic missiles closely resembling the one that triggers the Levolution event in Zavod 311.
  • In the Conquest gamemode, the train is mobile when captured. However, in the Rush gamemode, the train is stationary. The train also has cargo and is unarmed in Rush, unlike Conquest.
  • If one first goes behind the column of rocks near the Russian deployment, they will see a glint from the far away mountains. If the player hits the glint with a rocket, there will be a deep shout from a Yeti


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