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"The Gothic Line was part of Germany's defense against the Allied surge towards Berlin."

— In-game briefing

"Running through the Northern Apennines of Italy is a network of mutually supporting defences known as the Gothic Line. The Allies must break through this heavily fortified line in order to loosen the Axis grip on the country. The main crossing through these mountains is the Futa Pass, but this is defended too well. The Allies are thus pinning their hopes on a massive assault on the Giogio Pass. With the Germans holding the top of the peak above this pass, the Allies have a tough uphill battle ahead of them."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Gothic Line is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. A titanic defensive line built from coast to coast across Italy, the Gothic Line forestalled an Allied advance into southern Germany throughout the winter of 1944-45. Despite repeated attacks drawn out over many months, no decisive breakthrough was achieved until the Spring Offensive in April 1945, shortly before the end of the war in Europe.


Conquest is fought between five flags. The map features numerous dragon's teeth fortifications along the single, winding roadway up the rugged mountain slopes from the US to German spawns. The US have to navigate through obstacles to capture the flags and attack the Germans, who hold a significant terrain advantage.



German Base[]

The Germans begin on top of a cliff with a Sturmtiger, Panzer IV, and R75 available. A main road down the hill connects to the next flag, The Village. Just down the cliff there is another flag, Base Camp.

The Village[]

Just down the main road from the German base lies The Village. A Panzer and a Sturmtiger spawn here. To the side there is a cliff overlooking the road between The Bridge and Base Camp, thus the team that captures The Village has a pretty good position to fire against the enemies. The Village holds a number of houses with a central square, bringing protection and mobility to infantry troops.

The Bridge[]

Arguably the most fought place in the map, where most of the battle will take place. No vehicles spawn here. It is a training camp with a group of houses that hold ammo and health boxes. A Defgun just across the bridge will shatter all approaching armies that come from the training camp. Infantry can use the cover of the houses. On the other side of the house cluster, there is a bunker and a Pak cannon overlooking the plain, unblocked road to the Base Camp.

Base Camp[]

This base sits just below the walls of the cliff which hold the German base on their top. An Sherman spawns when captured by the Americans (Panzer if the Germans hold it). Base Camp is easy accesible by the Americans, as one of the two roads that exit from the American base lead here, thus the bulk of the American army will likely capture it early. Americans can climb the cliff on foot and reach the German base, but it is a very dangerous affair. For the Germans, taking Base Camp is a whole different story: the bulk of the German army will take the main road down the hill, as their AI is programmed to do so. The only way for the Germans to capture it quickly is by jumping off the cliff with a motorcycle, carefully falling by sliding down the hill. However, even if the Germans capture it they have to cope with keeping it, as they will be a small force, uncommunicated with the bigger part of the German forces, who have to navigate down a lenghty road across many bases and obstacles. Thus the Germans would be completely at disadvantage against the Americans, which only have to run across a plain just outside their base.

American Base[]

The US field a lot of tanks, such as the T95, the T34 Calliope and Sherman vehicles in the literal uphill battle from their base at the foot of the mountain to the pillbox-festooned summit. Exiting the base there are two paths that go uphill; the left goes through obstacles that slow tanks and leads to The Bridge, while the right goes across a plain with two bunkers to Base Camp just below the cliff where the German Base sits.

Capture the Flag[]

Team Deathmatch[]


"After months of pushing the Germans out of Italy, the U.S. forces finally encounter their last line of defense. The Gothic Line. With the courage and audacity typified by U.S. troops, they smash through the German defenses and wrestle control of Italy away from the Axis forces."

— American Victory

"After months of pushing the Germans out of Italy, the U.S. forces finally encounter their last line of defense. The Gothic Line. Impenetrable defenses and ferocious defenders stop the Allied advance in its tracks. Northern Italy remains under Hitler's control, and the Allied hopes of opening a southern front in the European theater are smashed."

— American Defeat

"Months of retreating from U.S. troops through Italy finally ends with the defense of the Gothic Line. Although outnumbered and outgunned, the battered Germans succeed in defending northern Italy from the Allied advance. The southern front still secure, the Axis can focus their efforts on pushing the Allies out of western Europe."

— German Victory

"Months of retreating from U.S. troops through Italy finally ends with the defense of the Gothic Line. The battered and weary German troops are no match for the U.S. forces assaulting their position. Despite a valiant effort the Axis hold on Italy is destroyed, and their control of Europe will soon be tested as the Allies establish positions across the southern front."

— German Defeat