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Grand Operations Tutorial - Battlefield V

Grand Operations Tutorial - Battlefield V

Grand Operations is a narrative-based multiplayer gamemode introduced in Battlefield V. Unlike Operations in Battlefield 1, this mode splits matches over the course of up to four fictional days, providing players with four unique and distinct game modes. Additionally each with their own custom rules and map layouts. Players relive various vast historical battles across these four days, with the outcome of each day affecting a team's status in the next such as amount of tickets, ammunition, reduced vehicle respawn time, and other resources.


Modes Unique to Grand OperationsEdit


"Parachute into a Grand Operation to prepare the invasion of defend and fortify defensive positions"

Battlefield V Launch Notes

Grand Operations starts with Airborne on day one. Attackers will parachute onto the map from aircraft that fly across the map periodically, where their goal is to defeat the defenders by destroying their four artillery cannons.

Attackers have the option to eject from the aircraft at any point of the map, however defenders can take down these aircraft with anti-aircraft guns and kill any attackers still inside. Once on the ground, attackers must pick up one of a possible two simultaneously active bombs and arm them on the artillery guns. At this point defenders have a chance to defuse the bomb if they can reach it before the fuse runs out and it detonates. The attackers win if all four objectives are destroyed. In the event that any objective survives, the attackers run out of respawn tickets, or the round timer runs out, the defenders win.

During Airborne phase, Weather will be attacker-friendly such as fog, rain or set during night time.

Final StandEdit

"The optional (day 3 draw induced) conclusion of a Grand Operation where the battles take place in a shrinking combat area and no respawns are allowed."

Battlefield V Launch Notes

Most Grand Operations will end on Day 3 of the match but should both teams end the match in a draw, the fourth day may commence, using the Final Stand gamemode. The objective of the mode is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. In this mode players will not be able respawn once killed and their amount of ammunition and health will be dependent on the previous day's events.

On day four of Battle of Hannut, it is also possible to find and use abandoned vehicles scattered throughout the battle area in Final Stand. These generally consist of transport vehicles at the map sides and tanks towards the map center. The presence of neutral tanks is communicated to players at the start of a round via important message. After a player enters within sightlines of an abandoned vehicle, it becomes marked on their team's map. The vehicles start the round at full health and with their full supply of ammunition, but cannot be resupplied.

The conditions to enter Final Stand are:

  • Breakthrough: Timer must reach zero at exactly the last sector before attackers lose tickets.
  • Conquest: Timer must reach zero before any team run out of tickets.
  • Frontlines: Timer must reach zero and both teams have destroyed the same amount of objectives.
  • Rush: Attackers run out of tickets in the final sector.

During Final Stand phase, weather will be set as "Extreme" such as Snowstorm.

List of Grand OperationsEdit

Battle for FranceEdit

Set in France, during the German invasion as part of Case Yellow. It details British efforts along the north-western sector of the Allied line in their vain attempt to slow the German armored spearhead from reaching the Channel Coast.


  • Twisted Steel
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough (4 Sectors)
  • Arras
    • Day 3 - Frontlines
    • Day 4 - Final Stand (requires both teams destroying the same amount of objectives by Day 3)

Battle of HannutEdit

Set in the Battle of Belgium as part of Case Yellow; this follows the largest tank battle in 12-14 of May 1940, and the subsequent assaults on French soil in the Battle of France.  This Grand Operation uses the maps Panzerstorm and Arras, with the former adding Breakthrough to official rotations as well, and the latter using the Rush gamemode for 64 players. This was released on 21 February 2019 as part of Lightning Strikes.[1][2] This Operation features Germany as the attackers and United Kingdom as the defenders.


  • Panzerstorm
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough
  • Arras
    • Day 3 - Rush
    • Day 4 - Final Stand

Fall of NorwayEdit

A Grand Operation focusing on the Norwegian Campaign, specifically the Allied landings which occured at Narvik and subsequent effort to push the Germans out of the country, between 28th May to 8th June 1940.

During the Operation, the United Kingdom feature as the attackers and the Germans as the defenders.


  • Narvik
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough (3 Sectors)
  • Fjell 652
    • Day 3 - Conquest (C, D, and E under German control at the start; A and B are neutral)
    • Day 4 - Final Stand (requires both teams having at least 1 ticket when time runs out by Day 3)

Operation Battle AxeEdit

The Operation Battle Axe takes place in the North African theatre between June 15th to 17th 1941, and sees the British attacking German strategic positions in Halfaya Pass and its airbases beyond, in an attempt to lift the siege of Tobruk.


  • Hamada
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Conquest Assault
  • Aerodrome
    • Day 3 - Breakthrough (4 Sectors)
    • Day 4 - Final Stand (requires timer running out at Sector 4 with attackers having at least 1 ticket)

Raid on RotterdamEdit

The Raid on Rotterdam set during the Battle of the Netherlands between the 10th and 14th of May 1940, and revolves primarily around the Battle of Rotterdam which ended in German victory after the city was destroyed in the Rotterdam Blitz.

The Operation features Germany as the attackers and the United Kingdom as defenders of the city.


  • Rotterdam
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough (3 Sectors)
  • Devastation
    • Day 3 - Frontlines
    • Day 4 - Final Stand (requires both teams destroying the same amount of objectives by Day 3)

Unnamed Greek OperationEdit

A Grand Operation in the Greek theatre is currently in development, although little else is currently known about the operation content or its release date.[3]



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