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Grand Operations is a narrative-based multiplayer gamemode set to be introduced to Battlefield V. Unlike Operations in Battlefield 1, this mode splits matches over the course of four fictional days, providing players with four unique and distinct game modes. Additionally each with their own custom rules and map layouts. Players relive various vast historical battles across these four days, with the outcome of each day affecting a team's status in the next such as amount of tickets, ammunition, vehicle, and other resources.

Confirmed GamemodesEdit

Modes Unique to Grand OperationsEdit


The first day of certain Grand Operations start with Airborne. Attackers will parachute onto the map from aircraft that fly across the map periodically, where their goal is to defeat the defenders by destroying the artillery cannons. Attackers have the option to eject from the aircraft at any point of the map, however defenders can take down these aircraft and kill any attackers still inside.

Final StandEdit

Most Grand Operations will end on day 3 of the match but should both teams end it at a draw, the fourth day may commence, using the Final stand gamemode. The objective of the mode is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. In this mode players will not be able respawn once killed and their amount of ammunition and health will be dependent on the previous day's events.

List of OperationsEdit

Raid on RotterdamEdit

The Raid on Rotterdam is a Grand Operation set to be available at the launch of Battlefield V. It is set during the Battle of the Netherlands between the 10th and 14th of May 1940, and revolves primarily around the Battle of Rotterdam which ended in German victory after the city was destroyed in the Rotterdam Blitz.

The Operation features Germany as the attackers and the United Kingdom as defenders of the city.


  • Rotterdam
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough (3 Sectors)
  • Devastation
    • Day 3 - Frontlines
    • Day 4 - Final Stand

Fall of NorwayEdit

A Grand Operation focusing on the Battle of Norway, specifically the Allied landings which occured at Narvik and subsequent effort to push the Germans out of the country, between 28th May to 8th June 1940.

During the Operation, the United Kingdom feature as the attackers and the Germans as the defenders.


  • Narvik
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough (3 Sectors)
  • Fjell 652
    • Day 3 - Conquest
    • Day 4 - Final Stand

Battle for FranceEdit

Another Grand Operation is set in France, during the German invasion as part of Case Yellow. It details British efforts along the north-western sector of the Allied line in their vain attempt to slow the German armored spearhead from reaching the Channel Coast.


  • Twisted Steel
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Breakthrough (4 Sectors)
  • Arras
    • Day 3 - Frontlines
    • Day 4 - Final Stand

Operation Battle AxeEdit

The Operation Battle Axe takes place in the North African theatre between June 15th to 17th 1941, and sees the British attacking German strategic positions in Halfaya Pass and its airbases beyond, in an attempt to lift the siege of Tobruk.


  • Hamada
    • Day 1 - Airborne
    • Day 2 - Conquest Assault
  • Aerodrome
    • Day 3 - Breakthrough (4 Sectors)
    • Day 4 - Final Stand