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For the version in Battlefield 1943, see Guadalcanal (Battlefield 1943)

"On the Solomon Island of Guadalcanal, the Japanese have begun an attack on an airfield that, when fully operational, could play a major role in turning the tide of war in their favor. From this island, Japanese forces could significantly extend their range of attack in the Pacific. They could then rely on steady waves of land-based air support to complement their naval forces. American troops have landed on Guadalcanal where, after an ominously quiet landing, they are now encountering fierce opposition from the heavily entrenched enemy. The US mission is straightforward, but by no means simple."

— Map Briefing

Guadalcanal is a Pacific theatre map featured in Battlefield 1942. It pitts the United States Marine Corps against the Imperial Japanese Navy on one of the Solomon Islands during the Battle of Guadalcanal.


Guadalcanal is a reasonably long map, with uncapturable bases at each end. Between these are 4 capturable points. Two of these, located atop large hills symmetrically placed on the island are flags, held one each by the US and Japanese forces. There are also 2 neutral points, one in a village on the plain to the east, and the other on the cliffs to the west.

In the multiplayer variant, each side also has a fleet, consisting of a submarine and 2 destroyers.


Japan Flag Imperial Japanese Navy
Light vehicle(s)

Type 95 Kurogane


Type 1 Ho-Ha

Medium tank(s)

Type 97 Chi-Ha

Self-propelled artillery


Fixed-wing aircraft

Daihatsu-class landing craft (Multiplayer)


Flak 38

Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB


M3 Half-track

Medium tank(s)

M4 Sherman

Self-propelled artillery

M7 Priest

Fixed-wing aircraft

LCVP (Multiplayer)


40mm Bofors



The game features 2 airfields.

The Japanese airfield, a large base at the South of the island, is the uncapturable starting point for the Axis forces. Players can spawn at two points; either near the flag inside the base or at the end of the nearby airstrip. The base contains multiple structures, including two repair pads, where most of the ground vehicles spawn. There is also a Flak 38 at the exit of the base. To the east of the base itself is the airstrip, where the Japanese aircraft spawn, along with a single Kurogane. There are also two Flak 38s, at each end of the airstrip, surrounded by sandbags. This airfield is home to, or is capable of spawning, 3 Type 97 Chi-Has, 2 Kuroganes, 2 Wespes, a Hanomag, 3 Flak 38s, 2 Zeroes and a Aichi D3A Val

A virtual mirror image of the Japanese airfield, the US airfield is the starting point for the Allied forces, located at the North of the island. Again, players can spawn at two points: either the flag inside the base or at the end of the airstrip and again it features multiple structures, including two repair pads. In the same places as their respective Japanese counterparts, the airfield contains or spawns 3 Shermans, 2 Willys MBs, 2 M7 Priests, an M3A1, 3 40mm Bofors, 2 Vought F4U Corsairs and an SBD.


The IJN fleet, seen only in the multiplayer game, is composed of two Akizuki-class destroyers and one U-Boat Type VIIC submarine. Players can spawn at either extremity of either destroyer to access the Daihatsu-class landing crafts or the bridge of the destroyers or at the submarine.

The US fleet is almost identical. Found only on the multiplayer, it features 2 Fletcher-class destroyers, a Gato-class submarine and 4 LCVPs hanging from the back of the destroyers.


The Japanese Bunker is the closest capturable flag to the Japanese Airfield, initially under Japanese control. It consists of a single concrete bunker on a steep hill.It contains an ammo box and medical facilities and it is capable of spawning, under Japanese control, a Type 97 Chi-Ha and, under US control, a Sherman. The US Bunker is identical and it has the same things as the Japanese Bunker.


The Village is on the Western coast of the island, in the middle of the map. It consists of three houses, mostly surrounded by sandbags, except for a single opening. It is usually where the heat of the ground battle happens, with both sides continuously fighting inside the village and around it. Infantry may find it difficult to navigate safely around the base due to the number of armored units attracted to the point.

It is capable of spawning, under Japanese control, a Type 97 Chi-Ha, a Wespe and a Type 1 Ho-Ha. Under US control it spawns a Sherman, a Priest and a Willys MB.


The Outpost is on the island's Eastern coast, in the middle of the map, located on a small plateau bordered by the surrounding mountains. It is behind the hills separating the island and is connected to the rest of the flag by three roads: one coming from the Japanese Airfield, one from the US Airfield and another from the Village.

Under Japanese control it spawns a Type 97 Chi-Ha and a Type 95 Kurogane. Under US control, it spawns a Sherman and a Willys MB


"After this glorious victory, Japanese command will not hesitate in its plans to invade Australia. By sending ship after ship to ocean bottom, the Imperial Fleet assured that Japan would maintain its grip on Guadalcanal. Enemy forces received lessons today from Japan's superior soldiers in the jungle and from its superior firepower at sea."

— Japanese victory

"This loss is devastating to Japan's plan to invade Australia. Now that Guadalcanal has fallen into enemy hands, it will be extremely difficult for the Imperial Fleet to win the war in the Pacific. Sure to take advantage of the weakened condition of Japan's forces at sea, it won't be long before the Allies launch another massive attack aimed at final victory in the Pacific. Japan must regroup quickly to prepare for this fight to the finish"

— Japanese defeat

"With Guadalcanal secured, the US has dealt stinging blow to the Imperial Fleet. Japanese troops fought with fierce determination for every inch of the island. In the end, though, Marines surged through the jungle and secured the airfield. With this victory, it's possible that the Japanese fleet has been handed a defeat from which it can't recover. The Imperial Navy is in retreat, and it appears that final victory in the Pacific is within America's grasp."

— American victory

"The Allied forces in the Pacific will feel the shockwaves of this loss for a long time. With Guadalcanal lost, it will be a brief matter of time before Japan unleashes renewed efforts to strike out further on its reign of terror in the Pacific. The American fleet needs to regroup and get ready to fight a Japanese force made stronger by this victory in the Solomon Islands"

— American defeat