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The Gun Master Winner Medal

Gun Master is a gamemode featured in Battlefield 3 expansion and Battlefield 4. It is based on the popular "Gun Game" mode for Counter-Strike.


BF3 gmashud

The modified HUD for Gun Master in Battlefield 3. The meter at the bottom of the HUD displays the weapon levels and how many players are on each level. The player has just advanced to the second level, and message above the meter informs the player of what weapon they have advanced to.

In Gun Master, players race to progress through a list of predetermined weapons by earning kills with them. The first player to earn a kill with the Knife (the highest level) is the winner.

Upon earning the quota for each weapon, the player ascends a level, receiving the next weapon in the list, fully loaded. Much like the case is in Gun Game, from Call of Duty, a player that is taken down with a knife is demoted a level. Takedowns will also demote victims. The initial weapons are typically handguns, on through larger and more powerful firearms, finally ending with the knife. The player has access to unlimited ammo in reserve and can still use the knife as a last resort at close range or to demote a leading player, however melee kills will not help the player advance to the next level, unless the player is on the final weapon level, which gives them a knife. Fallen weapons can be picked up from dead players; however, kills with other weapons will also not allow the player to advance, unless the player picks up the same weapon.

During play, a meter along the bottom of the HUD shows which levels are occupied by players (green icons for the player's squadmates, white icons for other players). When a player has reached the second to last level, the "Round ending" music begins to play, and intensifies when the last level is reached.

Gun Master is the first game mode that eschews Battlefield's signature class- and objective-based gameplay. Because players cannot choose a class, they assume the appearance of the class they last chose prior to Gun Master. No gadgets or specializations are available. Although players are still divided into teams and squads, each player is essentially competing with every other player, but some can't be harmed.

Battlefield 3[]

Bf3 gmasmenu

The spawn screen for Gun Master, displaying the weapon tiers. The level the player is on is displayed in the orange bar, and is highlighted in white on the meter.

Gun Master was first introduced in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, available on the maps of that expansion as well as those of Battlefield 3: Aftermath.

Initially, the gamemode only had the default weapon list set, which featured weapons from Close Quarters and Back to Karkand, but additional presets were added with the release of Aftermath that featured different weapons. The preset used is determined by the server host.

Weapon Levels[]

NOTE: All of the weapon lists have the Knife as the final weapon level, regardless of what kind of weapons there are before that level.


The default weapon list takes players through ten of the eleven firearms added in Close Quarters (leaving out the M5K). Two kills are required to reach the next level until Level 16, which only requires one kill each for the M320 LVG and the knife.

  1. MP443
  2. 93R
  3. .44 Magnum
  4. PP19 with Suppressor
  5. P90 with Reflex
  6. SPAS-12 with Buckshot
  7. MK3A1 with Flechette Rounds
  8. ACW-R with Reflex and Laser Sight
  9. MTAR-21 with Holographic, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  10. AUG A3 with Reflex, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  11. SCAR-L with Holographic, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  12. LSAT with M145, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  13. L86A2 with ACOG, Foregrip and Heavy Barrel
  14. M417 with ACOG, Foregrip and Flash Suppressor
  15. JNG-90 with ACOG, Laser Sight and Straight Pull Bolt
  16. M320 LVG
  17. Knife

Normal Reversed[]

Similar to the Normal weapon list, but now the weapons are in reverse order. However, the knife and M320 LVG are still the last levels of the weapon list.

  1. JNG-90 with ACOG, Laser Sight and Straight Pull Bolt
  2. M417 with ACOG, Foregrip and Flash Suppressor
  3. L86A2 with ACOG, Foregrip and Heavy Barrel
  4. LSAT with M145, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  5. SCAR-L with Holographic, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  6. AUG A3 with Reflex, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  7. MTAR-21 with Holographic, Foregrip and Laser Sight
  8. ACW-R with Reflex and Laser Sight
  9. MK3A1 with Flechette Rounds
  10. SPAS-12 with Buckshot
  11. P90 with Reflex
  12. PP19 with Suppressor
  13. .44 Magnum
  14. 93R
  15. MP443
  16. M320 with 40mm LVG
  17. Knife

Light Weight[]

The weapon list contains only Personal Defense Weapons and shotguns.

  1. M9
  2. G17
  3. M93R
  4. 870 MCS
  5. Saiga 12K
  6. SPAS-12
  7. DAO-12
  8. M1014
  9. PP2000
  10. M5K
  11. P90
  12. MP7
  13. AS Val
  14. PP-19
  15. UMP-45
  16. M320 GL
  17. Knife

Heavy Gear[]

The weapon list contains weapons from the Assault and Support classes, plus C4 explosives as the level before the Knife.

  1. MP412 REX
  2. .44 Magnum
  3. SPAS-12 Slugs
  4. MK3A1 slugs
  5. AK-74M
  6. F2000
  7. G3A3
  8. FAMAS
  9. SCAR-L
  10. AUG A3
  11. M249
  12. M60
  13. QBB-95
  14. MG36
  15. LSAT
  16. C4
  17. Knife

Pistols Run![]

The weapon list contains only handguns.

  1. M9
  2. MP443
  3. G17C
  4. M9 Suppressed
  5. G17C Suppressed
  6. M1911
  7. G18
  8. M93R
  9. MP412 REX
  10. .44 Magnum
  11. Knife

Sniper's Delight[]

The weapon list contains only Sniper Rifles and Suppressed Handguns.

  1. M9 Suppressed
  2. G17C Suppressed
  3. M1911 Suppressed
  4. SVD
  5. SKS
  6. Mk11 Mod 0
  7. QBU-88
  8. M417
  9. M40A5
  10. SV98
  11. L96
  12. JNG-90
  13. M98B
  14. XBOW with Standard Bolt
  15. Knife

US Arms Race[]

The weapon list contains weapons that are manufactured in the United States.

  1. M9
  2. M1911
  3. 870 MCS
  4. PDW-R
  5. M4A1
  6. M16
  7. M249
  8. M240B
  9. Mk11 Mod 0
  10. M40A5
  11. SMAW
  12. Knife

RU Arms Race[]

The weapon list contains weapons that are manufactured in Russia.

  1. MP443
  2. MP412 REX
  3. Saiga 12K
  4. PP-2000
  5. PP-19
  6. AS Val
  7. AKS-74u
  8. AK-74M
  9. RPK-74
  10. SVD
  11. RPG-7V2
  12. Knife

EU Arms Race[]

The weapon list contains weapons that are manufactured in countries from Europe, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, etc.

  1. G17C
  2. M93R
  3. SPAS-12
  4. MP7
  5. UMP-45
  6. G36C
  7. M416
  8. L85A2
  9. MG36
  10. M417
  11. M320 GL with 40mm Grenade
  12. Knife

Battlefield 4[]

BF4 Gun Master

The HUD for Gun Master in Battlefield 4

Gun Master was introduced to Battlefield 4 with the release of the Weapons Crate Pack, functioning in a similar manner to that of its Battlefield 3 counterpart. It is available on all ten maps in the base game and maps of the Operations expansions.

Gun Master gamemode began going through Alpha testing on the Community Test Environment on March 30, 2015.[1]

Mode Presets[]


Contains rifles, machine guns, shotguns and pistols and ends with the M9 bayonet.[2] Weapons Preset (0).

  1. A-91 with Compensator and Stubby Grip
  2. M60-E4 with M145, Compensator and Ergo Grip
  3. AN-94 with PK-A, Heavy Barrel and Stubby Grip
  4. DEagle 44 with Compensator
  5. QBU-88 with JGM-4, Laser Sight, Muzzle Brake and Ergo Grip
  6. M249 with HOLO, Magnifier, Compensator and Bipod
  7. Saiga 12K with PKA-S and Ergo Grip
  8. QBZ-95-1 with Prisma, Green Laser Sight and Vertical Grip
  9. 870 MCS with HD-33, Modified Choke and 12G Dart
  10. UMP-45 with HOLO, Laser Sight and Potato Grip
  11. M4 with HOLO and Angled Grip
  12. AS VAL with Kobra, Green Laser Sight and Angled Grip
  13. L96A1 with M145, Green Laser Sight, Flash Hider and Straight Pull Bolt
  14. Unica 6 with Mini
  15. G18 with Muzzle Brake
  16. P226 with Green Laser Sight
  17. Bayonet (Knife)


Contains classic rifles, machine guns, shotguns and pistols ending with the M9 bayonet.[2] Based on Normal preset from BF3. Weapons Preset (1).

  1. MP443
  2. 93R
  3. .44 Magnum
  4. MP7
  5. P90
  6. SPAS-12
  7. USAS-12
  8. ACW-R
  9. MTAR-21
  10. AUG A3
  11. SAR-21
  12. LSAT
  13. L86A2
  14. SCAR-H
  15. JNG-90
  16. M320 LVG
  17. Bayonet (Knife)


Only features different types of pistols, ending with the survival knife. [2] Weapons Preset (2).

  1. P226
  2. M9
  3. QSZ-92
  4. MP443
  5. Shorty 12G
  6. G18
  7. FN57
  8. M1911
  9. 93R
  10. CZ-75
  11. .44 Magnum
  12. Compact 45
  13. M412 REX
  14. SW40
  15. Unica 6
  16. DEagle 44
  17. Mare's Leg
  18. Survival (Knife)


Features weapons from past expansion packs, regardless of not they are owned or unlocked. This includes the Phantom.[2] Weapons Preset (3).

  1. F2000
  2. DAO-12
  3. M60-E4
  4. GOL Magnum
  5. L85A2
  6. SR-2
  7. AWS
  8. SR338
  9. SW40
  10. MPX
  11. Bulldog
  12. CS5
  13. Unica 6
  14. DEagle 44
  15. Rorsch Mk-1
  16. Phantom
  17. Icicle (Knife)


Features a "silly weapon list", starting with the Ballistic Shield.[2] Weapons Preset (4).

  1. Ballistic Shield
  2. Phantom
  3. Hawk 12G
  4. FAMAS
  5. AEK-971
  6. Shorty 12G
  7. Phantom
  8. RPK-12
  9. Type-95B-1
  10. M4
  11. ACW-R
  12. Phantom with Explosive Tip
  13. SVD-12
  14. M98B
  15. M1911
  16. Defibrillator
  17. C100 (Knife)


Battlefield 3[]

  • The M417 is equipped with the Flash Suppressor, which usually is unavailable for sniper rifles bar the SKS.
  • Finishing a round with a team member winning will automatically give the player the Gun Master Winner Ribbon.
  • Prior to the 2nd Sept. Patch, the MK3A1 was equipped with 12g Frag.
  • The Premium-exclusive ACB-90 can only demote a victim by takedown instead of the regular slash attack. The standard Knife can demote a victim via a regular slash attack or takedown.

Battlefield 4[]

  • Finishing a round with a team member winning will give the player the Ace Squad Ribbon. Only the winner gets the Gun Master Ribbon.
  • The dog tag for the Gun Master service star is bugged and cannot be unlocked via any means, even after meeting the 500 kill requirement. This is seemingly acknowledged by EA, as Battlelog's dog tag customization menu lists the service star dog tag as "cannot be equipped". While it may be visually unlocked in Battlelog, it is is not viewable in the actual game, being permanently greyed out.


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