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For the similarly named class, see Gunner (Hidden)

"Stands in the open firing his gun, taking the bullets but he never runs. After death, he comes back with his gun, this time, firing with fun."

— Battlefield Heroes Trailer

BFH Gunner Logo

The Gunner is a class in Battlefield Heroes. The gunner specializes in the use of machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. The Gunner class corresponds to the Support and Anti-Tank roles of other Battlefield games.

With the highest base health at 150, the damage-absorbing and counter-healing effects of I Eats Grenades, as well as being the only class with Rocket Launchers, the Gunner is the go-to class for Anti-Vehicle Warfare.


The Gunner has 5 Abilities:

Legit BFH
Leg It: Increases speed of the player and nearby allies for a short time.
Frenzy Fire RA
Frenzy Fire: Increases accuracy with machine guns to focus on a single target while healing a percentage of the player's health every fourth hit.
Explosive Keg
Explosive Keg: Hurls a large explosive barrel at enemies that can be shot to explode. Causes enemies hit by the explosion to run slower for a short time. The barrel can explode early if hit by gunfire.
Hero Shield
Hero Shield: Absorbs damage taken by the player and nearby allies for a few seconds.
I Eats Grenades: The player gobbles up all nearby explosives for a short time. Each grenade eaten recovers health.