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Guo Hua-fe (Chinese: 郭华菲), informally known as the Director, is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. He is the head of the Ministry of State Security and Hannah's superior.


Not much is known about the Director's past prior to the novel. He is shown to have a prominent liking towards Hannah, whom he sees as a challenge due to her American education individualism. He allowed Hannah to join the MSS as a result though he feels that she is ungrateful for it.

Countdown to War[]

After Hannah reported back to Hua-fe about the supposed death of CIA Agent Kovic, she suggested to him that they investigate the situation that occurred at the Sino-Korean border. Hua-fe, however, ignored the suggestion, instead directing the conversation to her relationship with Jin Jié.

After Hannah discovered the PLA Navy having told thousands of citizens to rally at a square to be killed, she called Hua-fe's emergency number. Hua-fe then stated that they should not discuss it on the phone and that she should meet him at his house. Upon arriving, Hannah noticed how he was behaving unusually, as he was treating her with respect for once. He then congratulated Hannah on her work and led her deeper into the house. Hannah discovered that she was being led to the bedroom and that Hua-fe was intoxicated. He attempted to rape Hannah, only for her to retaliate and kill him, making it look like he suffered a stroke.