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Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

"The Advanced Medical Kit allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of injured soldiers. It substantially increases the rate of healing to med kits already deployed on the battlefield."

— In-game description

Medkit improvement

The Medic Kit Improved Heal icon.

The Medkit Improved Heal is a Specialization featured in the multiplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well as its expansion, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam and is exclusive to the Medic kit. This specialization increases the speed at which Medkits heal teammates by 100%, allowing faster healing. With this specialization, the Medkit heals 10 health per 0.5 seconds. Without it, it heals 10 health per second.

The Medic Kit Improved Heal specialization is partnered to the player, not their kit. So, if a medic who spawned with this specialization equipped were to acquire a new medic's kit, this specialization would still be in effect.

Likewise, if a player were to acquire a medic's kit without having equipped this specialization at spawn, the specialization would not be in effect.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

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"An improved First Aid Pack increased the rate of healing"

— In-Game Description

The HEALING UPGRADE is a Tier 2 Specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline as apart of the Operator Reputation track. As the name suggests, the Specialization increased the rate at which a player heals from a Medkit.