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The High Explosive Bolt is an unlockable ammo type for the XBOW in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3Edit

"High explosive bolt against vehicles with almost no splash damage and a short trajectory."

— Battlelog description

The High Explosive Bolt is tipped with C4 that explodes on impact. It does not deal as much damage as an actual C4 charge or an RPG shot, but it can still disable scout choppers (AH-6 and Z-11W) or light transports such as the Phoenix in a single shot, and kill enemy personnel with a direct hit, although the explosive radius is the smallest of any explosive device in the game. Adding to that, the HE bolt also posses the lowest velocity and range of any projectile in Battlefield 3, and will begin to drop almost immediately after firing.

The HE Bolt is unlocked by completing the assignment A Good Demo Man.

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