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A High Explosive Bomb is a general-purpose munition for destroying targets. HE bombs typically have a thick-walled casing, and less than half its weight in explosive filler. Altogether the bomb can inflict damage through explosive blast, penetration (after falling from a great height), and fragmentation from the casing.

Air-dropped bombs were developed shortly after the development of aircraft. These often use contact fuzes, while some "daisy cutter" types may have a protruding standoff to ensure explosion slightly above ground.

Bombs (as well as artillery shells and other explosives) may also be used in improvised explosive devices by exchanging the fuze with any of a number of devices for triggering the explosion, and are often buried or otherwise concealed in anticipation of invasion by hostile forces.

Battlefield 1[]

50kg HE Bombs are secondary weapons for Attack Planes and Bombers, as well as primary weapons on the Ilya-Muromets heavy bomber. Two bombs are carried in the Tank Hunter Aircraft Package and four in the Barrage Package. The Ilya Muromets carries five bombs in the Demolition Bomber Package.

They inflict up to 40 damage on impact (after falling a minimum of 200 meters) and 80 blast damage within 3 meters, tapering out to 6 meters.

Battlefield V[]

Four variants of the HE Bomb are featured in Battlefield V: 8x 40lb Bombs, 2x 50kg Bombs, 4x 50kg Bombs, and 16x 50kg Bombs. They act as secondary weapons for the Blenheim Mk IF, Bf 109 G-2, Ju-87 Stuka, and Ju-88A respectively. Once deployed, they deal explosive damage to a small radius or a large area if deployed all together.