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An HMMWV ASRAD in real life.

The ASRAD-R (Advanced Short Range Air Defense) is a vehicle-mounted short-range air defense system, designed by Rheinmetall Defence of Germany and Swedish Saab Bofors Dynamics. The system is modular and can be mounted on almost any wheeled or tracked vehicle. Although the system can be mounted on a single vehicle, it can also be split, with one vehicle carrying the sensor package, and other vehicles carrying missiles. The ASRAD-R is currently used by Germany, Greece, and Finland.

Battlefield 3[]

"The ASRAD is a adaptation of the US HMMWV into an anti-aircraft role. "

— Battlelog description

The HMMWV ASRAD is a Light Anti-Aircraft Vehicle featured Battlefield 3: End Game.

It is a modified version of the M1114 HMMWV, armed with a remote-controlled missile system containing anti-air missiles and dumbfire rockets. Russian Ground Forces have a similarly equipped Vodnik.

It fires two lock-on Anti-Air Missile per reload. It is also equipped with rocket pods, which can inflict heavy damage against enemy armor. A single salvo of four missiles can destroy a tank from most angles. The missiles also have fairly low drop and high velocity. The only major caveat is the long reload time, which also must be performed before the first set of rockets can be fired. This may be due to the system's deploy animation, where the payload is elevated from its stowage position whenever the gunner seat is manned.

It has the same weaknesses as the regular HMMWV: little armor underneath the vehicle to stop grenades or mines, and doors that can be blown open, exposing the occupants from the sides.