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The HT-95 Levkov is a prototype hover-tank developed by the early Pan-Asian Coalition near the end of the War of 2020. The vehicle is unique in its method of propulsion, a series of rocket thrusters that allow it to hover just off the ground. The HT-95 is similar in design to the Type 32 Nekomata later used by the PAC in the Cold War.

Battlefield 4

"A prototype battle tank utilizing new thruster technology (still under development). This tank has the ability to strafe allowing it to keep its forward armor facing the enemy. Its fixed weapons generate a high amount of recoil which must be compensated for by the driver."

— In-game description

The HT-95 is a Main Battle Tank featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand.

It retains all of the features that are basic to Main Battle Tanks, such as unlockable enhancements, a powerful main gun, thick armor and slow to medium speed. Propelled by rocket-thrusters, the HT-95 perpetually hovers above the ground, only ceasing to do so when it is destroyed. Another product of the rocket engines is the tank's unique ability to strafe, allowing the tank to move to the left or right without having to adjust the direction the tank is facing. This allows the HT-95 to potentially out maneuver enemy tanks in combat, letting it move to the left or right while still keeping its heavy front armor facing the enemy. Despite floating above the ground, the tank is still able to Roadkill players.

During the CTE pre-release, the turning speed of the HT-95 was the same as the turret turning speed of the traditional tanks, only being affected by the player's preferred vehicle sensitivity. As a result, the tank is able to quickly rotate horizontally, doing an entire 360 degree spin in little over two seconds (much faster than what the Nekomata is capable of in 2142).

Because of its casemate design—the cannon is not mounted on a turret—the entire tank must be turned in order to aim horizontally. This makes the tank more vulnerable to threats it is not facing, especially if disabled.

One drawback is the noise level of the hover thrusters, which are significantly louder than the engines of the standard tanks, as well as the snow and air the thrusters kick up around it, making it very noticeable. This makes it very difficult for the tank to remain undetected, as players will be able to hear it much sooner than other tanks, and the debris it continuously kicks up makes it hard to conceal in brush or other cover. Another issue with the tank is the fact that its main cannon causes a significant amount of upwards recoil when firing, which the driver will have to compensate to keep on target. Coaxial attachments, like the LMG or HMG, do not cause this.



  • The name "Levkov" may be a reference to Vladimir Israilevich Levkov, a Soviet professor who built various hovercraft vehicles and also led a project to design a hovercraft tank for the USSR in 1937.
  • If a player goes prone and crawls under the thrusters, they will die.
  • The HT-95 Levkov is available for both factions though it will only spawn on Operation Whiteout and Hammerhead
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