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"Intended as an infantry support tank this was the most widely produced Japanese tank during the war. It saw extensive use before and throughout the war and only small modifications were ever made from the original design."

— In-game description

The HaChi (alternatively the Rocket Barrage Tank) is a Squad Reinforcement featured in Battlefield V, introduced in Tides of War chapter 5, War In The Pacific. A variant of the Type 97 medium tank, it is the Japanese counterpart to the US T34 Calliope. It can be called-in for 20,750 requisition points.

Despite its similar appearance, the HaChi can be distinguished from the regular Type 97 due to a camouflage covering of palm fronds, and is outfitted with increased firepower in the form of dumbfire rockets launched from the sides of a larger, squarer-looking turret. As the driver, HaChi operators have access to a burst-fire rocket launcher system which fires six rockets per reload. The rockets are notably less accurate than the Calliope, necessitating they be used from a closer range, but have the potential of dealing high amounts of damage to both vehicles and infantry in a short space of time, due to their greater blast damage and rapid rate of fire. The turret is also equipped with a 47mm Tank Gun and coaxial MG for threats at long range. The three other machine gunners operate weapons from the front left and right of the hull, and from atop the tank turret, respectively.

Although an upgrade in terms of armament and general versatility, the HaChi retains much of its other statistics with the Type 97, including a lower profile versus Shermans. When matched against the Calliope, the HaChi warrants a more aggressive playstyle as it trades increased burst damage, mobility and passenger firepower for poorer protection overall. Even though it is smaller and thus better concealed than its American equivalent, thanks in part to its camouflage covering, firing the rockets creates a large and distinctive smoke cloud that can both reveal the tank to enemies, as well as obscuring the driver's view for a few seconds.

Players should take care when firing at point blank targets with rockets, as the blast damage from the explosions can damage and potentially destroy the HaChi - notable as the rocket barrage cannot be interrupted.