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Hacker Mode is a feature of Battlefield Hardline. Similar to Commander mode, it allows players to support their teams through a variety of actions. Each team's hacker works to gain control over objects in the field, hinder the enemy hacker's efforts, and provide their team with temporary upgrades. Like the commander in Battlefield 4, hackers can earn awards and cash towards progression for their performance. A player already present in a server as a field agent may assume the hacker position, and an active hacker can leave the position and become a field agent, as could be done in Battlefield 2/2142.

The hacker is provided with a top-down camera view of the battlefield, the team's squad list, and a menu of abilities that can be performed on map objects or players.


Nullifies an enemy-controlled asset. Trojan can also debuff enemies by increasing cooldown or delay times on certain actions. For example, in Conquest matches, using Trojan on a control point will let the player's team capture the point faster, while the enemy team will capture it slower.
GPS Jamming
Denies spotting within radius of effect. It has a smaller radius than GPS Spotting, but takes priority over it. Earns a "Friendlies Masked" bonus when teammates are in the area.
GPS Spotting
Detects enemies within radius. Earns an "Enemy Revealed" bonus when enemies are present.
Control a map asset, neutralizing enemy control if held. Earns a "Jacked In" bonus when asset is controlled, and another bonus when the asset is triggered. Together with Trojan, these abilities limit enemy hacker presence.
Exposes enemy HVTs and gadgets, allowing them to be marked via Point of Interest.
Reduces cooldown time on abilities while active. At end of effect, some abilities "overheat", taking much longer to cooldown.
Point of Interest
Mark objective for a squad. Gamemode objectives, assets, and locations can be marked. Following a Trace, certain enemies and gadgets can be marked as well. Earns a bonus when acted upon.
Squad Upgrade
Increase reputation of the active squad, providing an immediate field upgrade.
Fast Deploy
Permits immediate respawn for a chosen squad. Earns a bonus when first used by a squad member.