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Hal is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. He is an American news reporter visiting Shanghai.

After the event that transpired at the Sino-Korean border, many Chinese citizens correctly believed America had been implicated and were furious over the matter. As a result, a riot broke out in front of the US Consulate in Shanghai. Hal, who had been reporting on the riot, was attacked himself and was saved by Kovic who happened to be attempting to enter the US Consulate at the time.

Following the attempted assassination of Jin Jié, Hannah and Kovic rushed Jin Jié out of the rally as Chang's forces closed in. With Wu's vehicle boxed in, they met Hal and requested they use his van to sit Jin Jié down in and avoid any hostiles. Recognizing Kovic as well as Jin Jié, Hal gladly let them inside the van where they met his technician.

As they were treating Jin Jié's wounds, however, the reporter and his technician got excited as they believed they had gotten a world exclusive story. Kovic reacted by grabbing the technician's throat, saying it was important that Jin Jié's survival be kept a secret and that he would kill them if they did not.

Alternatively, Kovic told them of Edward Cutler's corpse at the top floor of the Pudong Royal and that he had been shot for being a spy, saying that if they broke that story, they would be "as famous as Woodward and Bernstein." Hal and his technician did as Kovic said and instead reported on Cutler's treachery.

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