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"Hamid Al-Zakir is on-site."

— The Commander mentioning Al-Zakir

Hamid Al-Zakir (Persian: حمید الذاکر), (sometimes spelled Hamid El Zakir) is a former high-ranking officer who defected from the PLR. He is featured in the co-op campaign of Battlefield 3 in Exfiltration.

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"We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us.
No politicians, no money changing hands.
Just two soldiers speaking the truth."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 3.

Snake 6-6 is tasked with escorting him safely back to the Humvees from his apartment in Baghdad. He relays information about Abu Muhammad and a company in Paris that holds important files detailing the PLR's attack plans.


  • He wields a Saiga 12K semi-automatic shotgun.
  • His head model is identical to Faruk Al-Bashir.
  • The audio folder for "Exfiltration" contains several lines belonging to Al-Zakir, which identify him as "King of Spades" (ID_vo_co09_kingofspades_02 0 0 0 ). This could potentially be a reference to the real-life set of playing cards used by US forces during the 2003 invasion of Iraq in order to identify high-ranking officials of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party.
  • He is impervious to bullets, explosives, or any other weapon. Thus preventing the player from killing him.
  • Like Al-Bashir, Al-Zakir seems to be an Arabic surname, given its "Al-" definite article. This does not exist in Persian, which may be because of the game developer's overlook. Bashiri and Zakiri, however, would work.
  • His appearance differs between the GamesCom 2011 co-op demo and the actual game. In the demo, he had a different hairstyle and a beard and mustache. In the actual game, he looks similar to Faruk Al-Bashir as mentioned above.
  • He only has four lines in the game, all of them being spoken in Persian.
  • He always appears to have 50% health on the health bar above him.
  • Although he has a Saiga 12K, he never uses it at all in the entire mission, probably due to it being without a magazine, though this could have been overlooked by DICE.
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