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Battlefield V - Elites - Hanna Delacroix

Battlefield V - Elites - Hanna Delacroix

"Once Germany occupied France, Hanna Delacroix quickly shepherded civilians to safety. Her ability to scout German emplacements is unmatched. Now fighting alongside the UK army, the newest Elite is determined to free her homeland from the Axis"


Hanna Delacroix is an Elite available in Battlefield V for the Allies in The Company. She was released alongside Wilhelm Tannstedt on May 28, 2019 as a part of Tides of War Chapter 3 Trial By Fire. She can be purchased for 990Boins.

As with other Elites, Hanna features a unique victory animation and an exclusive melee weapon: the Poignard. It is unlocked upon completion of Hanna's Special Assignment.


Place of Birth: Paris, France

An instinctual soldier. Escaped occupied France and now fights alongside British troops to free her homeland. Skilled at evasion and reconnaissance. Experienced in all sort of long-range weaponry and optics.

Delacroix always means buisness. Intense, dominant, controlling. She will always find the most effective method of attacking and follow through, even if it puts herself at risk. A gifted marksman and a natural born leader, even with a linguistic barrier. Impatient. Preference for action. Her willingness to push her luck can sometimes put the safety of those depending on her at risk.

Special AssignmentEdit

Image Criteria Reward
Battlefield V Elites Assignments
  • Complete any three tasks
    • Capture 10 objectives
    • Headshot kill 10 enemies
    • Earn 12,500 score
    • Revive 10 teammates
  • Poignard



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