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Gurkha IRL

GURKHA LAPV variant in reality

The Terradyne GURKHA LAPV (Light Armored Patrol Vehicle) is a Canadian tactical armored vehicle designed for military and law enforcement use. Similar to the Lenco BEARCAT, the vehicle is based on the Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis with a V8 diesel engine. The vehicle's body is armored to resist calibers up to 7.62x39mm AP (the round used in the AK-47 and the SKS) and has a roof hatch for mounted weapons or a CROWS platform. The vehicle can also mount infrared cameras and search lights and can be equipped with under-belly blast protection to improve survivability during an I.E.D. attack. The GURKHA is currently in use with several law enforcement agencies and a few militaries worldwide.

The GURKHA appears in Battlefield Hardline as the Hardened Attack Truck.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Hardened Attack Truck is a vehicle featured in Battlefield Hardline, serving as the Criminal Counter Attack Truck. Its Law Enforcement equivalent is the Armored Rescue Vehicle.

Unlike armored cars in previous games, the main weapons are controlled by the driver, in a manner similar to the LAV-25 of Battlefield 4. The driver has a powerful machine gun at his disposal, providing ample means to attack both light and heavy vehicles, infantry, or aircraft. The driver is also equipped with a Smoke Grenade launcher or Tear Gas launcher as a secondary weapon.

The second position is armed with a M249 SAW on a 360° mount, effective for fighting off infantry or light vehicles.

The vehicle is completely armored and has bulletproof windows, and cannot be damaged by small arms fire. It can only be damaged by explosives or powerful vehicle weapons.