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"Face the heat in the Atacama desert while battling door-to-door in combined arms suburban combat. There’s no holding back in the mining town of El Alicanto, where elevated destruction can be your ally or your worst enemy."

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Haven is a map featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Turning Point season on March 19th, 2024.

Conquest 64[]

"Thanks for answering the call, No-Pats. We have a high-priority mission for you in Chile. The US has been assisting local militias in keeping clean water flowing throughout the Atacama desert, but the TPC caught wind of it. This water source is irreplaceable. Without it, we could lose our foothold in the entire country. Join our forces on the ground and destroy the Coalition's offense."

— American Briefing

"Today, you will join our allies in the Thousand Petals Coalition at an aquifer in Chile. The water there is under protection by the Americans, although they have ulterior motives in assisting the local militia. Valuable supplies of lithium are being mined out of the area and exported north. Land close and establish a front, then force the Americans out."

— Russian Briefing


US Deployments[]

Russian Deployments[]


A: Gas Station[]

B: Crash Site[]

C: Town Center[]

D: Oasis[]

E: Checkpoint[]


"We're requesting aid in the Atacama desert. One of the last surviving aquifers in Chile operates out of the area. Our soldiers have been aiding the locals and making sure water in the area stays clean. But clearly the Thousand Petal[sic] Coalition has other ideas. Reinforce our defenses on site. This is a fight we can't afford to lose."

— American Briefing

"We have assigned your contract to assist members of the Thousand Petals Coalition in Chile. The Americans have created a wide border around a local aquifer, monopolizing the water in the region. They are also mining Chilean lithium for their own benefit. We must stop this. Collapse their defense sector by sector and secure the aquifer with the TPC before Western reinforcements arrive."

— Russian Briefing

Sector 1[]

Sector 2[]

Sector 3[]