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Hawk pump std

The Hawk pump-action tactical shotgun in reality

The Hawk Type 97 is a series of Remington 870-based 12 gauge shotguns produced by Chinese company Hawk Group. The Hawk pump-action tactical model, also known as the Hawk Type 97-2, uniquely uses a detachable magazine.

Battlefield 4[]

The Hawk 12G is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The Hawk-12G is the standard shotgun used by the PLA. It is equipped with Iron Sights, a Flash Light, a Standard Barrel and 12 Gauge Buckshot and sports a Hexagon Naval finish.


The Hawk-12G is the fourth shotgun unlocked, after the M1014 and before the Saiga 12K, at 19,000 shotgun score.

It possesses the slowest rate of fire and the largest spread out of all of the available pump action shotguns, alongside with the smallest magazine capacity at 5 + 1 rounds. This is, however, compensated by giving the Hawk a significantly larger amount of pellets (21) than other shotguns. Additionally, the Hawk 12G is the most powerful of the Pump action Shotguns and features a much quicker reload due to being box-fed. Due to these features, it is a balanced weapon sitting between the weak box-fed shotguns and powerful pump action shotguns.

It unlocks the Chinese attachments with US and Russian attachments unlocked through Battlepacks.



  • The Hawk 12G featured in Battlefield 4 is the only Pump-Action shotgun in the Battlefield series that is fed from a detachable magazine.
  • In Battlefield 4, when performing a full reload of the Hawk 12G, the shell ejected at the end of animation will fly back into the gun when the reload finishes. This is due to a bug.
  • When one attaches a Laser Sight or a flashlight, it is placed underneath the barrel. This is because the gun doesn't have a Picatinny rail.
  • The Chinese characters on the side of the Hawk 12G (序列号) translate to "Serial Number", though there isn't actually a serial number printed on the gun.

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