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For the Battlefield 3 character, see Jennifer Hawkins

Hawkins is a character featured in the Battlefield 4. She was tasked with extracting Tombstone in Baku via helicopter, call sign Firebird 2-1. As Tombstone made their way to the extraction point at an abandoned factory, she and an unnamed crewman engaged Russian soldiers with the onboard miniguns, before withdrawing due to RPG fire. While preparing to extract Tombstone from the roof of the factory, an enemy Mi-28 Havoc fired upon Hawkins' helicopter, causing her to lose control. She narrowly avoided eviscerating Recker and Dunn with the rotor blades before crashing into the ground, killing her and the crewman.

The attack helicopter also caused severe structural damage to the factory, causing it to collapse, resulting in Dunn's leg being crushed from rubble. With the Russian forces closing in and the fuel catching fire, Recker had to quickly amputate the leg and had no time to recover Hawkins' body.


  • Hawkins' name is revealed by Dunn as she loses control of the helicopter.
  • Dunn's dog tags can be found in the copilot seat of Hawkins' helicopter following its crash.
  • She uses the same character model of the USMC Assault from multiplayer, as well as other generic Marines in the campaign.