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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Cover
"A tense, squad-focused survival experience, Battlefield Hazard Zone combines edge-of-your-seat gameplay with the best of the Battlefield sandbox."

— Tagline

Hazard Zone is a gamemode featured in Battlefield 2042 as a "high-stakes" multiplayer experience for up to 8 squads (6 for last-gen consoles) of 4 players. The mode challenges squads of players to retrieve objectives known as Data Drives dropped into the battlefield via capsule from low Earth orbiting satellites. Complicating matters are the presence of Occupying Forces with their own objectives, and rival squads vying for the same intel.

As of May 2022, DICE stated that development for new content in Hazard Zone has been stopped but the mode still receives minor quality of life changes.[1]


Battles take place in the same maps used for "All Out Warfare". Data Drives in drive capsules are marked on the map. After retrieving drives, a single MV-38 Condor arrives to extract the first squad it makes contact with. Additional satellites will fall in the zone during battle, providing more data drives for retrieval. A second MV-38 will perform final extraction before the weather turns against them. Unlike other gamemodes, players have only a two chances to deploy for themselves if killed (Second Chance redeployment if squad is killed before first extraction), with limited opportunities for revival.

Enemy Occupying Forces troops (from the RU faction) are scattered around the map, typically guarding Data Drive pods. Additional Occupying Forces may parachute onto the map randomly, as well as enemy LATV4 Recons appearing and driving around the map. Occasionally there may be a large cache of Data Drives in 4 drive capsules guarded by an Occupying Forces T28 tank. The tank may wander away from the drive capsules, that is your opportunity to get the data drives.

Laptop Uplinks are scattered throughout the map, providing its user with additional help:

  • Support Uplink - Calls in a Ranger drone
  • Vehicle Uplink - Calls in an LATV4 scout vehicle
  • Redeploy Uplink - Calls in a (previously fallen) squad member

Successfully completing matches will reward players with progression toward unique Player Cards or Tags. Special Player Cards are also unlocked by performing consecutive extractions with the same Specialist to earn an Extraction Streaks.


Weapons and gadgets used in the gamemode are purchased through the in-game currency, Dark Market Credits (DMC). DMC is rewarded by successfully extracting drives or killing enemy players or bots. Players may only purchase the weapons and gadgets they have unlocked in the All-Out Warfare mode for use in Hazard Zone. Weapon customization may only be done prior to the start of a match. Purchased weapons and gadgets do not carry over to subsequent rounds.

Tactical Upgrades[]

A selection of Tactical Upgrades are available to squad members before the start of a match. While several of them are available for free, higher rarities must be purchased with DMC. Initially, only two Tactical Upgrades may be chosen at a time with 0 Extraction Streak. Earning Extraction Streaks unlocks additional Tactical Upgrade slots. Tactical Upgrades are available in three rarities: Common, Rare, and Epic.

Image Name Description Cost (DMC)
Starting Armor Tactical Upgrade Starting Armor Start with +20 Armor. Free
Negotiated Bounty I Tactical Upgrade Negotiated Bounty 50% additional credits for kills on Occupying Forces. Free
Data Storage Tactical Upgrade Data Storage Data Drive carry capacity increased by +2. 100
Ammo Increase I Tactical Upgrade Ammo Increase I Additional +1 magazine for primary weapon. 100
Throwable Increase I Tactical Upgrade Throwable Increase I Increase carried Throwables by +2. 100
Squad Redeploy Tactical Upgrade Squad Redeploy Bring back killed squad mates. Can only be used once. 200
Faster Healing I Tactical Upgrade Faster Healing I Heal 50% faster. 200
Biometric Scanning Tactical Upgrade Biometric Scanning Spot enemies and Mark Data Drives for 100% longer. 200
Loadout Insurance Tactical Upgrade Loadout Insurance Should you fall in battle, reimburses 50% of Loading and Tactical Upgrade costs. 200
Insider Information Tactical Upgrade Insider Information Reveal Data Capsule drop locations 60 seconds before they land. 200
Ammo Increase II Tactical Upgrade Ammo Increase II Additional +3 magazine for primary weapon. 600
Throwableincrease2 Throwable Increase II Increase carried Throwables by +3 600
Faster Healing II Tactical Upgrade Faster Healing II Heal 100% faster. 600
Table Deal Tactical Upgrade Table Deal 100% additional credits reward for extracted Data Drives. 600


Type Weapon Name Cost (DMC)
Default Factory M5A3 Free
G57 Free
SMG PBX-45 200
PP-29 300
MP9 300
K30 400
P90 300
AKS-74U 300
PP-2000 200
Assault M5A3 300
AK-24 400
AC-42 600
AM40 300
M16A3 300
ACW-R 500
A-91 400
M416 300
MTAR-21 400
Avancys 400
PKP-BP 400
M60E4 300
XM8 300
M240B 400
Marksman DM7 500
SVK 600
VCAR 300
BSV-M 500
M39 EMR 600
Sniper SWS-10 500
DXR-1 700
NTW-50 1,000
GOL Sniper 700
Utility MCS-880 100
GVT 45-70 150
12M Auto 200
Ghostmaker R10 200
Rorsch MK-4 300
NVK-S22 150
Secondary MP28 50
M44 100
PF51 150
NVK-P125 100
M1911 50
MP412 REX 100
M93R 100


Type Gadget Name Cost (DMC)
Throwables Frag Grenade Free
Smoke Grenade 100
EMP Grenade 100
Incendiary Grenade 150
Concussion Grenade 100
Throwing Knife 50
Gadgets Intel Scanner 200
Smoke GL 100
Anti-Tank Mine 50
Ammo Crate 200
Recoilless M5 200
Medical Crate 100
IBA Armor Plate Free
C5 Explosive 100
Prox Sensor 200




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  • The backside of Dark Market credits read "Fortis Est Non Pertubaris In Rebus Asperis" which is latin for "the strong do not falter in adversity". This is a well known quote of wisdom and philosophy.
  • Oz's symbol can be seen on the side of the exfiltration osprey. This symbol is also seen on the top of the ospreys that fire at the Exodus in the Exodus short film.