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"A tense, squad-focused survival experience, Battlefield™ Hazard Zone combines edge-of-your-seat gameplay with the best of the Battlefield sandbox."

— Tagline

Hazard Zone is an upcoming gamemode featured in Battlefield 2042 as a "high-stakes" multiplayer experience for up to 4 squads of 8 (6 for last-gen).

Battlefield 2042[]


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Hazard Zone challenges squads of players to retrieve Data Drives dropped into the battlefield via capsule from low Earth orbiting satellites. Complicating matters are the presence of Occupying Forces with their own objectives, and rival squads vying for the same intel.

Battles take place in the same maps used for "All Out Warfare". Each squad is equipped with an Intel Scanner used to locate available Data Drives, and the approximate location of those held by enemy squads.

After retrieving drives, a single CV38-Condor arrives to extract the first squad it makes contact with.

Additional satellites will fall in the zone during battle, providing more data drives for retrieval. A second CV38 will perform final extraction before weather turns against them.

Unlike most other multiplayer game modes, players have only a single reinforcement ticket for themselves, with limited opportunities for revival.


Laptop uplinks are scattered throughout the map, providing its user with additional help:

  • Support Uplink - Calls in a Ranger drone
  • Vehicle Uplink - Calls in an LATV4 scout vehicle
  • Redeploy Uplink - Calls in a (previously fallen) squad member

Dark Market Credits[]

Players who successfully extract drives from the hazard zone are rewarded with Dark Market Credits (DMC), an in-game currency exclusive to Hazard Zone. DMC may be used to purchase more capable weapons and gadgets.

Tactical Upgrades[]

A selection of Tactical Upgrades is available to squad members, many of which may be purchased with Dark Market Credits.

Extraction Streak[]

Each Specialist receives a unique reward for performing consecutive extractions.




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