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Heinz The Dog is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Liberte of the Tirailleur War Story.


My dearest children,

How very long it seems since I last saw your lovely faces, I miss you both so very much.

Monika, my graceful girl, how did your dance exams go last week? Your mother tells me you've worked so hard that I can only imagine you've triumphed. She says that you must have pointe shoes for the Autumn term which reminded me of that tiny girl you were, impatient for her first pair of proper ballerina shoes. I wish i was there to see you live that dream for the first time. You've be rolling your eyes at your sentimental papa, but how time flies! You will see when you have your own children.

Rolf my boy, I trust you are making good on your promise to be the head of the household in my absence. Your mother and sister and teddy are depending on you. Thank you for the drawing you sent me of the house and the family. I think that's the best picture of Heinz the dog you've ever done. He even has teeth! I've put it above my desk where I can look at it every day and be reminded of home.

Look after each other my darlings, God willing, I'll be with you soon


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