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"Heist is all about pulling off that big job or that perfect score. The criminals are trying to infiltrate a cash-filled vault, and the cops must regulate them. Once the criminals break in, they have to nab two bags of cash and jam out with them back to each of the two base points."

— Official Website Description

Heist is a gamemode featured in Battlefield Hardline.

The objective of the Criminals is to steal loot, which consists of money, and take it back to the escape point. There are two packages for the Criminals to steal, with each package having an escape point that it needs to be brought to in order to win. Law Enforcement officers are there to prevent the Criminals from doing so by depleting all of their tickets by killing or arresting them.

Law Enforcement has unlimited tickets, while the Criminals, by default, have 100 tickets. There is also a time limit, in which Law Enforcement will win if the Criminals are not able to take both loot packages to both escape points in time.

The Criminals will start closer to the location of the loot packages, giving them enough time to set the bombs on the vaults before the cops can arrive. A bomb will have a timer of 30 seconds until it explodes, giving Law Enforcement some time to disarm the bombs.

If a loot package is dropped, it will return to the original place that it was taken from after a certain amount of time, restarting the process all over again. The timer for the loot package to be returned to its original location can be sped up depending on how many players from the Law Enforcement team are near the package, much like in Capture The Flag from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

Squad HeistEdit

Squad Heist is a 5v5 downsized version of Heist that is set to be introduced in the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion.

Inspired by Squad Rush from Battlefield 4, gameplay remains exactly the same as the normal variant except that Criminals now have a limit of 25 tickets for each of the three stages.


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
The Big Score The Big Score Win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in Multiplayer 25G Silver
Small Crew, Big Job! Small Crew, Big Job! Win 10 Squad Heist matches 25G Bronze
The Ultimate Betrayal The Ultimate Betrayal Win a Heist match as a Cop and as a Criminal on each of the Betrayal maps 50G Silver


  • EA announced that the Heist gamemode would be unlocked in the Battlefield Hardline's open beta if players completed a community challenge of scoring a collective score of 2 million points in Rush between January 21st, 2015 and January 24th, 2015.[1].


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