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"The Great War at sea. Engage in an epic naval clash as the British Empire Royal Marines and German Navy pit dreadnoughts, destroyers, and aircraft against each other while infantry troops fight by the iconic red cliffs of Rocky Cove."

DLC Overview -

Heligoland Bight is a map featured in the Battlefield 1: Turning Tides North Sea expansion.[1]

The map depicts the First Battle of Heligoland Bight, the first naval battle of World War I, which occurred off the northwest coast of Germany. In an ambush launched against German destroyer patrols, the Royal Navy managed to sink six surface vessels, including the light cruiser SMS Mainz, with their own forces only receiving damage in return.


A large map consisting of the island of Heligoland, the smaller Düne, and the vast expanse of ocean surrounding the two. On Heligoland, the grassy top of the island inaccessible leaving land fighting generally conserved to the bluffs at the foot of the cliffs, which circle the entire island. Barely above sea level, these pathways range from just a few meters wide to more significantly expansive areas around the Lighthouse and Bunker Beach, and are littered with mossy boulders, abandoned rowboats, and the occasional pillbox. Düne is found to the south of Heligoland, and is a much flatter, sandy surface isolated from the latter via a channel between the two. The channel can accommodate even the largest ships featured on the map.

The rest of the encircling waters are devoid of obstacles or any other sorts of landforms. Outside the map boundaries, two fleets of warships, each located on opposite sides of the island, can be seen firing at obscure targets.

Conquest Assault[]

Conquest Assault is the only game mode available on Heligoland Bight. The attacking Royal Marines have a starting ticket bonus of 300, but the defending German Empire holds all flags.

The map's six flags are positioned around the coastline of the two islands, with capture zones that allow the majority of them to be captured by seafaring ships and aircraft, giving these vessels a means to directly contribute to the battle. Infantry, being restricted to the narrow beachfront when on foot, can make use of several small boats provided by most objectives to more rapidly traverse the Heligoland perimeter.


Both teams gain a Dreadnought shortly after the start of the match. However, if a team is at a disadvantage and they have lost their first Dreadnought, they will receive a second one.


BF1 British Marines icon.pngRoyal Marines
Fixed-wing aircraft

2 Sopwith Camel/Bristol F2.B/Airco DH.10


1 C-Class Airship


6 M.A.S. Torpedo Boat


1 Dreadnought

Naval vessel(s)

2 L-Class Destroyer

BF1 German Empire Icon.jpg German Empire
Fixed-wing aircraft

2 Dr.1/Halberstadt CL.II/Gotha G.IV


1 C-Class Airship


1 Dreadnought

Naval vessel(s)

2 L-Class Destroyer


Marines Deployment[]

The Marines make their assault from a warship anchored about 750m off the northeast coast of the bight. Their spawn is protected by an out-of-bounds barrier, preventing the close encroachment of enemy ships. Six M.A.S. torpedo boats are moored alongside the ship, and can be used to ferry the infantry from the deck to land.

Two QF 1 AA guns are on board to defeat air attackers and protect the flotilla when spawning.

German Deployment[]

The Germans do not have a permanent headquarters to spawn infantry from, but may deploy their destroyers and aircraft from a patch of ocean near the southwest corner of the map. The Germans do not receive any spawn protection, however. In addition to their heavy vehicles, the defenders are granted access to spawning directly into a plentiful amount of small boats moored around the island, granted by their initial dominance over the objectives. These will become unavailable as the British gain ground.


Düne Island[]

A small sandy beach leading up to a pillbox and trench system is located on the east side of Düne. The flag capture zone is in the shape of a teardrop, descending onto the beach and into a portion of the water. There are two anti-aircraft cannons on this point, one is in the trench system in the middle of the island, next to the radio antenna. Another is protected by a ring of sandbags nearer the western coast.

The Tank Hunter elite kit can be found inside the pillbox on this flag. A Y-Lighter and Torpedo Boat are deployed from the eastern shore near the flag itself.


The wreck of German cruiser SMS Mainz that has run aground on a rocky beach on the north side of Düne. The easiest way to get aboard the ship is by climbing up the ledges near the stern, as the bow of the boat is too high to climb. The capture zone encompasses the deck of the stricken ship, as well as a portion of the beach it is mired upon.

Bunker Beach[]

A wide open expanse of beach that is the site of a sea wall and a heavily fortified trench network and underground bunker. This flag contains the only Coastal Artillery available on Heligoland Bight, just west of the capture point, that is able to defend the beachhead and nearby channel from enemy shipping. The capture zone itself covers a trench line on the eastern shore of the spit.

There are two anti-aircraft cannons on this point, one on an elevated point in the trench system, and another further inland by the bunker entrance. The flag and the area surrounding it contains four pillboxes, two of which have Maxim MG emplacements. Two torpedo boats spawn adjacent to this flag, one on the east side of the spit, another on the west side.


A rocky peninsula on the northeast end of Heligoland that extends to a lone lighthouse. To the southwest stands Lange Anna, a towering stack of sandstone, along with a pillbox with an AA gun located next to it and a tunnel which leads to the Cove flag. Nearer to the lighthouse itself is a small unnamed island. The narrow strip of beach that forms the capture zone is covered with rocky outcroppings, providing some cover in long range gunfights, but the area is ultimately quite exposed.

The Infiltrator kit spawns at the base of the lighthouse. Another two torpedo boats spawn in the shallows near the lighthouse.


A rocky cove consisting of two pillboxes which lead to a massive bluff. The beachfront here is very narrow, but players standing at either end of the long will be obscured from one another by the cliff face as it bends round it. Aside from rocks that skirt the waterline, there is little appreciable cover.

There is one anti-aircraft gun located just west of the flag, as well as a single torpedo boat.


Found on the northwest side of Heligoland is a German U-Boat which has run aground upon a small island, located within a cove. The flag itself is on the smaller island, which is scattered with stony outcroppings and blanketed with seaweed. The submarine, listing and stranded on its side, can be climbed upon by players. A beach to the east is the spawning location for players deploying on this flag.

This spawn provides another plane for whoever controls it, alongside acting as the secondary spawn point for the German Empire's L-Class Destroyers. Small boats spawned by this flag include two torpedo boats near the submarine wreck, and a Y-Lighter near the cliff edge to the east of the objective.



  • In the game files this map is named MP_Naval.
  • This map along with other maps from Turning Tides were publicly trialed in the Community Test Environment with a "white box" prototype texture like the one seen in Operation Outbreak in Battlefield 4.
  • Heligoland Bight is the first map to present Behemoth vs Behemoth gameplay, in the form of Dreadnought vs Dreadnought.[2]
  • Naval Mines can be found scattered around the coastline of the map.
  • Mainz refers to the German Imperial Navy cruiser SMS Mainz, which was sunk during the First Battle of Heligoland Bight in 1914.
    • The model of Mainz is the model of the HMS Vindictive found on Zeebrugge with its protective pads stripped off instead of being modeled after the real Mainz.
  • The beached U-118 is likely based on the German U-Boat SM U-118, which was beached at Hastings, Sussex in 1918, and became a popular tourist attraction before it was dismantled in 1919.
    • The real U-118 never participated in the 1st Battle of the Heligoland Bight, and wasn't launched until 1918.
  • An easter egg involving characters from Battlefield Friends and a cat can be found on a hidden interaction prompt on top of the lighthouse.[3]