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"The Germans used Hellendoorn as a launch area and research base for their V2 rocket."

— In-game briefing

"Since November 1944 the locals of Hellendorn in the Netherlands have witnessed an odd sight on an almost daily basis: a huge missle rising from the forest on a tower of fire and smoke. The Germans have aimed most of these powerful V2 rockets at Antwerp, but now they a new target: the bridge at Remagen, Germany. If they can destroy this bridge, they can slow down the Allied advance across the Rhine River and into the heart of Germany."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Hellendoorn is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. It is located in the middle of Overijssel, Netherlands, featuring infantry and tank warfare as well as limited aerial warfare.




Each team starts with three control points and a neutral control point in the center of the map. Each team would roughly have equal number of vehicles (of more or less equal standing). British starting points tend to be easier to infiltrate by the Germans than the German's starting points. German AI players on any difficulty would regularly try to capture British bases early in the game using the Schwimmwagen.


Germans start in this base. It spawns a Flakpanzer, a Panzer IV and a few light vehicles. If captured by the British, it will spawn LVTP, Sherman, Jeeps and motorcycles. It also feature a machine gun emplacement and an ammo box. British players can either attack this spot by the lake or through the mountain.


The British 'main base' with Sherman tanks and a Jeep (or Panzer IV and Schimmwagen). It also has a few accessible buildings with ammo boxes.


The only neutral point at the start of the game, the town is situated on top of a hill where it is accessible from two roads, one from the German side and another from the British side. There is a church with a health box and tower as well as another accessible building with pickup-only jetpack kits, machine gun emplacements, ammo box and health box. Outside the town, there is a machine gun emplacement with ammo box overlooking the V2 launch site.


Initially owned by the British team, it features a few vehicles. Shermans, LVTP, Jeeps and a Goblin (or Panzer IV, Schimmwagen Natter if captured by the Germans).


The German 'main base' of sorts. It features the Natter runway (and Goblin if captured by the British) as well as two Panzer IV and a few light vehicles. There are two buildings that can be accessed, containing either extra ammo and health boxes or machine gun emplacement.


British starts at this point. It has a few machine gun emplacements, an ammo box and a health box. An LVTP (or Schimmwagen if captured by the Germans) spawns at this location.


Germans own this flag at the start of the game. There spawns a Schwimmwagen (or LVTP if British captured this flag) and a few machine gun emplacements in bunkers. There are several V-2 rockets which cannot be used but can be destroyed if playing 'Objective' match. The spot is open to attack from multiple places but is relatively easy to defend.

Capture the Flag[]

The flag layout is the same as Conquest, except:

  • V2 Research Area and Eastern Farmhouses still belong to the respective teams, but are now uncapturable.
  • The objective flags are at Water Mill and V2 Launch Site.
  • Western Village and The Blockhouse no longer spawn aircraft.

Team Deathmatch[]

The flag and vehicle layout are the same as Conquest. The map is split in two as the German Elite Forces has control of the southern part of the map, while the British Commandos has the northern part, and the neutral flag Hellendoorn is the primary source of action. All of the other flags are un-capturable.


"Hellendoorn was the primary launch site for the V2 Rocket. Four rockets have been set on the launch pads, aimed for Britain. A team can win by reducing the opposition's tickets to zero. The British can reduce the German tickets quickly by destroying the V2 rockets. The Germans can reduce the British tickets gradually by defending and maintaining the V2 rockets."

— Objective Mode Briefing

V2 Rockets 1 and 2 to be destroyed by the British Commandos.

The flag layout is the same as Conquest, except both V2 Launch Site and V2 Research Area are now uncapturable. One Flakpanzer/Sherman has been removed from V2 Research Area, but two have been added to V2 Launch Site.

The British Commandos must destroy four objectives at the V2 Launch Site:

  • V2 Rocket 1 and V2 Rocket 2 in a north-south line on the western portion of the group, with 1 on the south and 2 on the north;
  • V2 Rocket 3 and V2 Rocket 4 in an east-west line on the eastern portion, with 3 on the west and 4 on the east.

Each rocket can take 600 points of damage.


"The hilltop town of Hellendoorn was a vital component to the Axis V2 launch site defenses. Once captured, it was only a matter of time before Allied troops moved on the launch site, ending months of V2 bombing of Britain. "

— British Victory

"The Germans were pounding Britain for months with V2 rockets launched from their base near Hellendoorn. The Allies had to first capture the hilltop town on their advance to the launch site, but the Axis defenses relentlessly pounded their approach. The Allied troops scattered, Hellendoorn and the V2 rockets remain in German hands. The fierce bombing of Britain continues unabated."

— British Defeat

"Recognizing the importance of the hilltop town of Hellendoorn, the Germans concentrated their defenses on the V2 launch site around the town. They punished the Allied attack as wave after wave of troops ascended the hill. The Allies eventually retreated after being slaughtered on the hills of Hellendoorn."

— German Victory

"Despite the valiant defense of Hellendoorn, the Germans relinquish it in the face of the Allied assault. The carnage on the hills of Hellendoorn is a testament to the bloody battle eventually won at great cost by the Allies. The capture of the V2 launch site was a serious blow to the Axis and their ability to terrorize the British people."

— German Defeat


  • In singleplayer, bots on the British side use American names.


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