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"You can't just walk away from the threat!"

— Blackburn while being interrogated during The Great Destroyer

Staff Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn is a character in Battlefield 3's single-player campaign. He is a playable character and the main protagonist in the story.


Squad Missions

Henry is a Staff Sergeant in the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corps, serving in squad Misfit 1-3. He is deployed in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan and Tehran, Iran in the war effort against the People's Liberation and Resistance in 2014, and is also the one who killed the game's main antagonist, Solomon.

He, and Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky are the main protagonists of the story in Battlefield 3's Single Player campaign, and Blackburn is the player-controlled character in the vast majority of the missions in the game, spanning with 7 out of the 12 missions.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Henry's personal life except for some facts revealed during the game's loading screens stating that Henry was born on Buffalo, New York[1]. His father's name is Michael Blackburn who fought during the Vietnam War, and according to Henry he would have random outbursts by the traumatized effects of the War. His mother's name is not known, and he also has a girlfriend/fiancee named Charlene. His grandfather George Blackburn fought in the European Theatre of World War II.



  • His voice and character model are portrayed by English actor Gideon Emery.
  • Blackburn's rank is revealled as Staff Sergeant in an HUD text when he gets out of the LAV-25 in Operation Swordbreaker.
  • Blackburn's squad's callsign, as heard from radio chatter throughout the campaign, is Misfit 1-3.
  • Blackburn is a Designated Marksman, as he is the squad member who carries sniper rifles such as the Mk11 Mod 0 in Operation Swordbreaker and the M40A5 in Night Shift.
  • In Fear No Evil when the player plays as Jonathan Miller, Blackburn can be seen fully for the first, and only time in-game.
  • Despite being a Staff Sergeant and the highest ranking Marine of Misfit 1-3, he is not in command of the squad. Ironically, everyone else of lower rank is usually giving orders to Blackburn.
  • In the "Fault Line" trailers, Blackburn is sleeveless and both of his arms are completely visible. However, this is only visible when he engages the PLR insurgent while trying to disarm an IED. In the final version however, his sleeves are rolled up to his elbow.
  • He wore black USMC Engineer gloves in the trailers, but the color has changed to the standard USMC Combat gloves (Brown/Black) in the actual game.
  • Despite several scripted injuries and accidents were encountered by Blackburn on his missions, he still remains alive, and this does not affect the status of gameplay. The scripted injuries are;
    • He is covered by rubble on an earthquake in Iran (Operation Swordbreaker)
    • The bus he was going to cross was hit by an RPG (Uprising)
    • While manning an HMMV Humvee turret, a PLR shot the vehicle with an RPG (Uprising)
    • The Misfit and Haymaker squads were ambushed by the PLR with an RPG hitting a flammable tank (Operation Guillotine)
    • Blackburn, along with Montes, jumped from the second floor window of the CIA building (The Great Destroyer)
    • He also jumped on a running train (The Great Destroyer)
    • He was grazed by a bullet from Solomon in a train window (Semper Fidelis and The Great Destroyer)
    • The stolen police car driven by Montes crashed on the SUV of Solomon (The Great Destroyer)
  • When Miller fails to cover Blackburn in Fear No Evil, the Mission Fail screen will pop up and say "Black was Killed" instead of "Blackburn was Killed".


  1. As seen on a text stated on the loading screen of Operation Swordbreaker.

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