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Heroic Moments are a gameplay feature of Battlefield Heroes. They are special actions that can be performed by players and award 5 XP if done successfully. Additionally, heroic monents increase a players score in the Metagame by 50 points for each per action performed.


Name Description Notes
Airborne Assault "Killing someone while you are in mid-air." This can be obtained by parachuting out of an aircraft. This can easily be done on Lunar Landing due to the reduced gravity allowing players to stay mid-air longer.
Ballistic "Killing someone who is on foot with a rocket launcher from far away." The exact distance to achieve this is not specified. Kills, that result from direct hits with Grenade Launchers also award this Moment.
Big Bang "Killing two infantry enemies or more at once using an explosive weapon or ability." Rocket Launchers, Sticky TNT, or abilities like Grenade Spam, Troop Trap or Explosive Keg all count towards this moment. Killing multiple opponents in a vehicle, however, does not.
Blind Fire "Kill a Commando who is under the effects of Stealth." This Moment still counts if the Commando is killed in his semi-transparent state while he is close to the player.
Close Shave "Killing someone while you have 1 point of health left."
Daredevil "Exiting a vehicle and entering another without touching the ground or another object in between." This is can be done on Wicked Wake. Simply fly over the friendly airport and bail right before traveling over a new plane.
Duck Hunt "Killing a manned plane in mid-air with a tank."
First Strike "First kill in a round."
Flip Trick "Sit in a jeep or tank that makes a roll (goes back on wheels after being up-side-down)."
Full House "Killing a fully manned vehicle." This means either: a jeep with a driver and two passengers; a tank and turret-rider; or an airplane with a pilot and two wingmen.
Headshot "Killing someone by hitting them in the head with a sniper rifle, or one of the pirate pistols]]."
Joint Operation "Killing someone while being a passenger in a jeep."
Last Kill "Last kill in a round."
Post Mortem "Killing someone while you are dead." This can be achieved with either a Damage-over-Time effect (Burning Bullets or Poisoned Blade) or through an explosive.
Road Kill "Killing someone by driving over them with a jeep."
Smash Down "Killing a manned ground vehicle while it is in mid air."
Sucker-Punch "Killing an infantry enemy with a grenade before it touches the ground or any other object."
Tank Smash "Killing someone by driving over them with a tank."
Tower Defense "Killing someone while being a passenger in a tank."
Volley Shot "Killing an infantry enemy while he is in mid air." Shooting down parachuting opponents also count for this Moment. The enemy may return fire to try and earn an Airborne Assault.
Wingclip "Killing someone by hitting them with the wing of a plane."
Wingman "Killing someone while being a passenger on a plane."
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