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Heroism and Death is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter All Is Ash of the Nordlys War Story.


My dear Auntie,

I've been going to write this letter to you for some time now, but up to now have hardly had an opportunity, but recent events out here have urged me to write it. It is addressed to you in thankfulness' for past years.

In my last battle, things were going hard, and only a handful of our lads came back in one piece. It was at a moment when my last seem near, that my mind took me away from the battle-field away from mangled human flex, heroism and death, to you at home and Audrey.

Then it struck me how wonderful you had been to bring me up all these years from and before mother's death. Somehow it meant that you would never be thanked for what you had done.

I pray and trust I'll come through safely, but one never knows what God's will, so whilst I have the chance you deserve thanking. Many chaps I guess write gratefully to their mothers, you took her place and did all she possibly could have done for me, and if it gives you any joy to know, this letter comes from the battle-front with the sincerest and deepest thanks for the wonderful job you have done, and may God bless you.


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