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"Mounted in an under barrel configuration, the 20-gauge Herzog Shotgun adds substantial short range stopping power to any assault rifle's standard repertoire. The Herzog utilizes the same Universal Ammo as the PK-74 AR-Rocket, allowing for intercompatibility between the two weapons."

— In-game Description

The Herzog AR-Shotgun is an Assault gadget, used as an underbarrel attachment for the SCAR 11, Bofors Defense Rifle, Krylov FA-37, Voss L-AR and Baur H-AR assault rifles. It appears in Battlefield 2142.

Each rifle has their own visual characteristics when using this attachment:

  • In the SCAR 11, the rounds in the form of a small rack are loaded into an open slot in the top of the stock.
  • In the Bofors, the rounds in a rectangular magazine are loaded into an opening slot located on the left side, close to the weapon's handguard.
  • In the Krylov, the rounds are used in a small cylinder magazine loaded directly into the underbarrel attachment featured on the weapon.
  • In the Voss, the rounds in a small box are mounted on the top of the stock of the weapon.
  • In the Bauer, the rounds in a rectangular magazine are loaded into another tilting slot like the main magazine under the weapon near the trigger.


Whilst not as powerful as the Clark Shotgun, the Herzog attachment provides assault players with additional firepower in close quarters fighting. The buckshot does not have much spread, giving it a surprising amount of range. However, it can take almost an entire magazine of shotgun ammunition to kill an enemy at this range.

The Herzog can kill an opponent with Heavy Armour with two direct hits to the body and one to the head.

The Herzog shares its ammunition pool with the PK-74 AR-Rocket, giving such a player many offensive options at a cost of being unable to heal or revive teammates. The Advanced Magazine expands the magazine capacity by one round, while the MaxClip unlock provides an additional magaine.