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The subject of this article, Hingan Hills, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

Hingan Hills is a map that was cut from Battlefield 2. Its description can be found in the Battlefield 2 localization files, but there is very little material on the map itself. The map would take place on both sides of a deep canyon with a large bridge running across it in Hingan Hills (Chinese: 兴安岭), Heilongjiang Province, China.

‪Niklas Astrand, a senior designer at DICE, stated that it was cut due to having the "least potential" of the maps in development at the time for the game and was chosen over FuShe Pass.[1]


"Military planners for both the US and the People’s Republic of China quickly realized that this sector contains key strategic bridges that provide easy armored access to the Manchurian heartland and deployed accordingly. To secure possession of these vital lines of advance elements of both nations are racing to meet head-on amidst the scattered farms, villages and industrial areas of this ancient, remote landscape."


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