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Type 1 Ho-Ha IRL

Front and rear view of real Ho-Ha.

The Type 1 "Ho-Ha" (Japanese: 一式半装軌装甲兵車 ホハ Ici-shiki han-sōki sōkō-heisha hoha) was a Japanese half-track designed in 1941 and produced in 1944 by Hino Motors. The Ho-Ha was made in response to the need of an armored personnel carrier to protect troops for enemy small arms fire. It was a low-priority project, so there weren't many produced until 1944, and by then the Japanese industry had been crippled and the Ho-Ha never saw much use.

The Ho-Ha was largely based on the German Hanomag. It had three mounted machine guns, and space to carry 12 soldiers. It boasted 8mm armor all-around, which was enough to deflect most bullets. Most Ho-Has were sent to the occupied regions of China and the Philippines, and a few remained in Japan.

Battlefield 1942Edit


The Ho-ha in Battlefield 1942 at Guadalcanal

The Ho-ha is the IJN half-track featured in Battlefield 1942 having replaced the previously issued Hanomag in a patch. It is armed with two MG42s, one on each side, near the front of the vehicle, it also contains ammunicion and medical cabinets available to passengers within the vehicle and It has room for six players: one driver, two gunners and three passengers. However neither of its mounted MG42s are forward-facing, however, so the vehicle is essentially undefended from frontal attacks.



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