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Hot-swapping is a feature in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat singleplayer.

Use of hot-swapping[]

Hot-swapping allows a player at any given time to "switch bodies" with any friendly soldier in their line of sight. Since the game does not allow the player to pick up weapons or kits, this allows the player to switch player kits and use different weapons and equipment, or to switch to a friendly soldier in a vehicle. Hot-swapping also allows the player to quickly "travel" through an area to have a view point from another soldier and use it to their advantage. When the player dies, they will lose 5000 points and immediately hot-swap to a nearby friendly soldier.

Hot-swapping is key to completing any singleplayer mission. It allows the easy use of an entire group of soldiers to complete numerous objectives. Usually, the player starts with a given kit that will be unable to complete every task, such as when the player starts as an Assault soldier, they will be unable to single-handedly destroy a tank, so hot-swapping to a nearby Engineer will be necessary.

How to use hot-swapping[]

Hot-swapping is very easy to use. Each friendly soldier will have a small blue icon on top of them indicating their player kit. These icons are the following:

  • Wrench - Engineer
  • Lightning bolt - Assault
  • Sword/Dagger - Special Ops
  • Cross hairs - Sniper
  • Cross - Support

If a friendly soldier is in the player's line of sight, no matter the distance, it will only suffice the player to place their cross hairs near the friendly soldier they want to play as. The kit icon of the friendly soldier will turn white, rather than blue, then a player can press the hot-swap button (Square for PlayStation 2; X for Xbox and Xbox 360) and time will stop while the player's view travels to the next soldier. If an object blocks the friendly soldier from the player's line of sight, the player cannot hot-swap to that friendly soldier.


  • A feature similar to hot-swapping re-appears in Battlefield 1 during the game's prologue mission Storm of Steel. The feature only activates when the soldier that the player controls gets killed, and the soldier that is switched to is scripted, which is the only way that the player can progress through the mission.