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Battlefield 1[]

"Suited for long range fighting against static enemies, emplacements and with the ability to deploy a defensive smoke screen."

— In-game description

The Howitzer Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1 for the FT-17 tank. Its primary weapon is a heavy machine gun, with which it can strike fast-moving targets and infantry.

The 75mm HE Howitzer is among the most powerful shells available for vehicles. It inflicts great damage to enemy vehicles, but its slow velocity makes for high, lofting shots at distant targets. It can be used for indirect fire, but is less capable at this role than mortars since shots must be gauged from prior attempts, and higher gun elevations only provide modest increase in range. At long range, the Howitzer can best most vehicles except the Armored Artillery Truck, which fires faster-moving shells. With the potential to immobilize vehicles with each shot, the first shot should be carefully placed.

Unlike the other packages for the FT-17, the turret has limited traversal. However, it also features angled faces, allowing some shots to ricochet for greatly reduced damage.

This package provides Emergency Repair, allowing it to recover more armor than other tank packages. Its Smokescreen allows it to create its own cover, a useful ability when at exposed edges of the map.

The Howitzer package is disadvantaged in close-range encounters due to the slow reload of its cannon, and limited utility of its HMG.


  • Prior to the May Update, the package incorrectly used an LMG instead of the stated HMG, and did not have third-person freelook.