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The subject of this article, Hummel, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

The Hummel (German; Bumblebee) was a self-propelled artillery vehicle used by the Wehrmacht during World War II. Based on the Panzer IV, the vehicle mounted a 15cm howitzer in an open-top superstructure. Entering service in 1943, around 700 were produced.

Battlefield V[]

The Hummel is a vehicle cut from Battlefield V. It was one of several self-propelled artillery vehicles to undergo development but remain unfinished in the game, along with the Grille, Bishop and Churchill AVRE SPGs. Its only appearance is in concept art for the map Arras.

The vehicle could seat two players, a driver and a hull machine gunner. The main armament, which had a limited traverse due to its turretless design, consisted of a 150mm gun, but could be replaced through specialisations for a Pak 43 88mm AT gun. Despite being open top, none of the crew were visible during operation.[1]

Like the Bishop, the Hummel has identical placeholder stats to the Panzer IV, but lacks any projectile data. Completed Vehicle Customization items for the vehicle included turret and chassis dressings.[2]