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"The larger, more powerful, stationary cousin of the EMP grenade, the II-14 EMP Mine utilizes the same electromagnetic pulse methodology to fully immobilize nearby machinery in almost all situations."

— Prima Official Game Guide

In Battlefield 2142, the II-14 EMP is an unlockable gadget for the Engineer Kit. The II-14 EMP is a mine that creates an electromagnetic pulse upon detonation.

It is incredibly useful as a defensive weapon against fast vehicles like the MK-15 Bandit and the UAZ-8 Ocelot as it will prevent them from speeding past a defensive line on maps like Camp Gibraltar or Suez Canal. If it is used in combination with II-29 Motion Mines, it will guarantee a destroyed vehicle as it will shut down the enemy vehicle long enough for the Motion Mines to track the target and explode.

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