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"Able to withstand short durations of direct, small- and medium-caliber fire, the IPS (Infantry Protection Shield) is a personnel-scaled, ion-charged shield employed by infantry for temporary individual protection. The system is not designed to withstand vehicle-mounted munitions."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The IPS (Infantry Protection Shield) is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2142 that is available to the Support kit as an initial unlock.

When deployed, the IPS erects a glowing red force shield (similar to those used inside a Titan's corridors) that resists all small arms and machine gun fire, as well as blasts from explosives. The IPS can also resist a certain number of anti-vehicle weapon rounds or large-caliber vehicle weapons before failing. The shield is sufficient to cover most of a crouch soldier from a roughly 60° arc in front.

The shield cannot be passed through, moved or disturbed by other players. As such, a carefully placed IPS can prevent players from ascending a ladder or passing through small openings.

It is possible to destroy an IPS with small arms and machine gun fire, but it must be very precise. Targeting the control box on the IPS will destroy it, although no damage is done visually.


  • The IPS was intended to be destroyable by a skilled marksman, but the feature was cut from the final game though the control box meant for this purpose remained on the gadget model.
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