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IRNV Optics, or infrared/night vision optics, is an optics option with night vision, that also highlights heat signatures as orange. This is useful for finding personnel at night or in low-light, through foliage and smoke, or other infrared transparent cover.

Battlefield 4[]

"Enhanced infrared night vision that will make heat signatures easily distinguishable at close to medium ranges."

— Battlelog description[1]

IRNV Optics are a type of vehicle optics in Battlefield 4

The IRNV Optics appear as an "Optics" specialization for the main battle tank, mobile anti-air, attack boat, infantry fighting vehicle and the attack helicopter[1]. IRNV Optics function similarly to the IRNV Scope that is available on weapons.

The IRNV Optics can be used in conjunction with the standard daytime optics. The optics assist in target acquisition at close to medium ranges, but fail to perform effectively at long range.

The IRNV Optics are unlocked at 4,500 score for the Mobile AA, 11,000 score for the infantry fighting vehicle, 13,000 score for the attack boat, 14,000 score for the attack helicopter and 21,000 score for the main battle tank.[1]

Gunner IRNV[]

IRNV Optics can also be unlocked for the gunner positions on main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and attack helicopters.


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