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"Mimicking ambient light and background texture patterns through a microprocessor-controlled, fiber-optic, DLD (dynamic liquid display) fabric, the IT-33 Active Camouflage enables a soldier to reduce his visibility by up to 90%"

— Ingame Description

Unl Active Camo

The IT-33 Active Camouflage System as it appears in Battlefield 2142.

The IT-33 Active Camouflage is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2142 for the Recon kit.

The IT-33 has a small screen that shows the player's soldier. When the left mouse button, or fire button, is held, the device emits a high pitched whining sound and renders the user nearly invisible. The device takes roughly one second to completely camouflage the player.

The IT-33 does not give the player total invisibility, only up to 90% transparency. When a cloaked user is observed, the observer will see a hazy patch roughly the size of a soldier that indicates the presence of the user. There will also be a shadow in more brightly lit areas. When close to the user, at roughly 5 meters or so, the observer can clearly hear the high pitched whine of the IT-33 that indicates a cloaked enemy nearby.

One drawback to the IT-33 is that makes the soldier's HUD blurry. While the effect is negligible, it can obscure targets at longer ranges. Also, switching directly from the IT-33 to another weapon or gadget keeps this blurring effect in place for another few seconds.

The IT-33 lasts for 15–20 seconds and can be used in all stances. When the user attempts to climb a ladder, falls from a height, switches to another item or mounts a turret, it is instantly disabled.

The TL-S1C Camo Upgrade can also be unlocked.