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RGO defensive grenade in reality

The RGO (Ruchnaya Granata Oboronitel'naya) hand grenade is a Russian fragmentation device that features an impact-sensitive fuse as its primary detonator. This is in contrast with time-delay fuses such as that seen on the American M67, and similar to devices like the common 40mm grenade. A secondary time-delay fuse ensures the grenade explodes about four seconds after it is armed. It is otherwise similar in construction to a typical hand grenade.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

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The RGO-78 Frag Grenade is issued to the MEC Assault and Support kits in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Battlefield 4

"Russian RGO Impact grenade which explodes shortly after impacting a surface. A smaller grenade with a lower blast yield, two of these grenades can be carried at one time."

— Battlelog description

The RGO Impact grenade is introduced in Battlefield 4 as one of many options for the player's kit. It is the third grenade available, after the default M67 and unlockable V40 Mini.

Upon spawn the player gets only 1 RGO. The name Impact grenade is a bit misleading, as the grenade actually detonates almost a second after impacting a solid surface, which makes this grenade perfect for hitting enemies on top of roofs as it's possible to throw the grenade so that it hits the spot where the wall meets the rooftop, then bounces up right into the enemies face. Grenade throws like this are impossible to avoid because the RGO detonates literally right as it bounces up over the ledge, dealing the maximum 80 damage to the opponent. With GRENADES specialization, it can be problematic to hit an enemy with the second grenade however, as they're likely to run away or at least back away from the ledge after they take damage. But if the enemy has taken any more than 20 damage the player can kill them with just one Impact, provided they get it close enough.

Compared to the M67 and V40, the RGO outperforms them in close quarters due to its impact fuse and does more direct damage than the V40. However, the V40 has a superior range compared to the RGO and M67, and the M67 does the most damage out of all three of the fragmentation grenades. The RGO and M67 also take a very considerable time to resupply due to their damage, taking 25 seconds to resupply from a Ammunition Box, while the V40 only needs 13 seconds to resupply.

Update History

After Battlefield 4's Fall 2014 patch, players can now carry only 1 RGO Impact (or 2 with GRENADES specialization), previously players could carry 2 by default. The RGO's inner blast radius was slightly decreased as well, to 1 meter from 1.65, and its resupply time was lengthened considerably to 25 seconds from its original 7 seconds. These changes were made to discourage grenade spamming, and make grenades more of a tactical tool in combat.

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