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A Skyline R34 GT-R in reality

The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is a Japanese sports car produced between 1999 and 2002. The GT-R served as Nissan's flagship performance vehicle, and became an iconic sportscar of the 1990s despite only officially being exported to a few territories outside of Japan. The R34 was the fifth generation of the Skyline model, and introduced an 5.8" LCD display on the dash which displayed live readings of vehicle statistics, a unique feature at the time of its production.

A customized racing Skyline R34 appears in Battlefield Hardline as the Import Tuner.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Import Tuner is a Sedan introduced in Battlefield Hardline: Getaway, and appears exclusively on maps from the expansion, replacing the Sports Sedan for the Criminals during certain gamemodes. Its Law Enforcement equivalent is the Performance Sedan.

The Import Tuner is a unique vehicle in that it combines the speed of the Coupes with the four player carrying capacity and durability of the normal Sedans. This allows players to transport squads quickly across the large maps featured in Getaway, while still being reasonably protected while the passengers remain in the vehicle. Like the Sports Sedan, the vehicle is unarmed but the three passengers are able to use weapons and equipment while in the vehicle, and are able to either fire from the seat or sit on the window frame by hitting Prone to fire over and around the car.

Although technically categorized as a Sedan, the Import Tuner cannot equip any vehicle specializations, but like all ground vehicles will receive a boost and improved impact resistance with Stunt Driver equipped.



  • The Import Tuner is the only right-hand drive land vehicle in Hardline.