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An Improvised Grenade is a homemade explosive device that emulates the same battlefield role as a standard Hand Grenade. Such weapons are usually crude and simple, using whatever materials are available, but may still be effective weapons when assembled correctly.

Due to the massive extension in range of infantry rifles that came with the invention of smokeless powder, the concept of the hand-thrown grenade was considered obsolete, despite experiences to the contrary in the Russo-Japanese War. The result was that the majority of combatant nations entered World War I either without any kind of hand grenades at all, or designs that were unreliable or otherwise unsuited to the conditions of the trenches. This led soldiers to develop in-field interim solutions, such as the Jam Tin Grenade. By 1915, the success of these improvised grenades in close-quarters trench warfare led to the introduction of factory-made, standardised fragmentation grenades in many armies, such as the Mills Bomb and Stielhandgranate.[1]

Battlefield 1[]

"Do what you can with what you've got"

— In-game description

The Improvised Grenade is a grenade introduced in Battlefield 1's Apocalypse expansion. It fills a similar role to the Frag or Stick Grenades, but has a randomised fuse length and shorter throwing distance. The grenade is also much larger and therefore more visible than a normal grenade.

The grenade's appearance is that of a wooden plank, affixed to which is an explosive charge connected to a rudimentary fuse contained in a metal tin. It is based on the French Pétard de la IIIème armée (lit. Firecracker of the 3rd Army).