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In and Out is the first mission in the singleplayer campaign for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. This mission takes place in the Almaty Region during a snowstorm at night. The player's objective is to drop into the town, take out any hostiles, and hold the refinery while surviving a counterattack by the People's Liberation Army. The player starts as a NATO soldier and has the Assault Kit and the Engineer Kit at their disposal to hot-swap between, as well as two T-90s controlled by Engineers later on.

Mission BriefingEdit

We've got a unit under heavy fire and trapped in a refinery. Conduct a rapid assault, neutralize all hostiles and prep the area for immediate helicopter extraction.


The level opens with a cut-scene of multiple EU soldiers in UH-60 Black Hawks, getting ready for the impending fight. After a quick loading screen in which the player hears their objective, they are parachuted out of the Black Hawk into a courtyard as an Assault soldier. Multiple PLA soldiers close in on the drop zone from the church on the other side of the street. As the player takes them out, a FAV speeds in on the road from the west. The player may hot-swap to a nearby engineer to take it out with a rocket, or just shoot the driver and gunner.

The player must then push through the town to an intersection where two BMD-3s and a WZ-9 ambush the squad. However, two allied T-90s show up behind the player, and multiple Engineers parachute in to replace lost members. The player is then given a new objective to push to the refinery to rescue some pinned down soldiers. An FAV and a BMD-3 are along the road to the refinery, as well as multiple PLA soldiers.

Once the player reaches the refinery, they must destroy the barricade and enter the next area with three M2 Browning emplacements with sandbag revetments in front of them. Once all of the EU soldiers and tanks reach the refinery, more WZ-9s come in to drop off soldiers to take back the refinery. The player must survive the counterattack and kill off any hostiles around the refinery without losing all of their soldiers and tanks.

After about three waves of troops drop in by helicopter, the refinery is secured and the enemy retreats, thus ending the level.


To achieve a full 10-star rating, the player will need to complete the following milestones by the end of the mission:

  • Score: 70,000 points or more
  • Time: Completion in under four minutes and thirty seconds
  • Style/Weapon Use (amount of hot-swapping): Expert (about 10 hot-swaps)
  • Accuracy: Greater than 55% shots hit
  • Losses: Less than 15 soldiers on the player's team died